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  1. Frenkie De Jong

    Agreed, exactly the type of player we need!
  2. How good was peak Kaka?

    I agree KDB and Kaka...nothing alike, I'd put him closer to Neymar probably. The dribbling was exquisite!
  3. Paul Pogba | "Likes Torino"

    He is back, he's just out of position....
  4. Most complete footballer ever?

    There's already a Roy Keane thread!
  5. Saul Niguez, Yea Or Nay

    He's a excellent passer, as well as and excellent finisher. He's got a great touch and can dribble. i haven't looked at the stats but I could see why they might not be as good as they could be, simeone tends to employ tactics that look for longer passes, passes into channels and switches of...
  6. Official unofficial Republic Of Ireland thread

    I don't remember it like this at all. He was always our best player but was rarely picked due to the negative tactics we've been plagued with over the past few regimes.
  7. Saul Niguez, Yea Or Nay

    love him, Rolls Royce of a player, I wouldn't worry too much about one season not up to his usual standards when a player is that technically gifted, you don't lose that over night. If he's available for that kind of money we should pounce on it.
  8. Where should Pogba and Rashford play?

    I agree to a certain extent, this is definitely what I would like to see but I think we have an issue at centre back that influences what happens in the midfield. Both of our starting centre backs play on the back foot, Maguire less so than Lindelof but both for me display this as their natural...
  9. Where should Pogba and Rashford play?

    The more I see Pogba play further up the more I'm convinced he'd make a great false 9. Excellent hold up play, the way he brings others into play, ability to drop and play a killer ball, causes defenders trouble in the air with his physicality and aerial prowess.
  10. Potential Matic Replacements

    I'd take rice at CB if I was taking him, I still think that's his best position. Would be nice to have his quality on the ball at CB too.
  11. Has Martial done enough to be backed as our long-term #9?

    Agreed! When I look through the league about 8/9 teams have at least one striker I'd take before Martial. I'd bring in someone like Aubameyang if he's available. That gives Greenwood a few years to really learn his trade without putting too much pressure on him while he's too young. I mean...
  12. Up top: Does anyone else prefer seeing Ighalo over Martial?

    I'd rather see Phil Jones at number 9 than Martial, and he's worse on the left. He would have been the first player I would have let go in the summer! I really can't understand why people seem to hold him in such high regard. His attitude and work ethic stink!
  13. It's not the end of the world if we signed nobody else this summer

    Without additional signings 5th to 7th would be the best we can hope for. We couldn't function without Herrera in side last season, I'm terrified by the prospect of going a full season without a replacement for him! No CL again next year would really hinder us in the market, it's already evident...
  14. Mario Mandžukić

    I'm surprised people are for this. What would he bring that Lukaku wouldn't? Similar attributes to Lukaku only nowhere near as good. He's never hit 20 goals in any league he's played in.