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  • Hi mate,
    I will have two going spare in W3103 for West Ham
    Regulus Arcturus Black
    Sorry mate. Only noticed this now on profile, managed to get sorted straight away.
    Looking for 3 for Betis though if you hear of anything?
    Can you PM me your number, Thanks
    The data in my post about the Man Utd financials are from 6/29/2022 Income Statement.
    Have to write it here because as a Newbie I can only post 3 times.
    Regulus Arcturus Black
    Makes sense, that isn’t the current wage. Lots of contracts expired at the end of June.
    I can’t reply in the thread because I’m newbie with less than 50 posts.

    But to answer your question about Mr Luckhurst:

    Wasn‘t the statement of the report that Tim Cook was considering Apple to acquire Man Utd?

    To me this is an assumption that can only be made reliably if someone has insight to internal sources at Apple.
    Hiya mate,

    I have a pair available for Leeds in N3408, would you be able to swap for West Ham?
    Regulus Arcturus Black
    Hi mate,
    Not 100% sure on West Ham but can double check, no other game that works?
    Thanks for getting in touch.

    Well I guess things are a little less clear now ha ha let me know if I can help with Leeds when they announce the new date and if you had spares for West Ham let me know, I’d take them off your hands if they were still spare.
    Hiya. Long shot as first game n all that. If you’re selling for Brighton, I’m on the look out :)
    Hi there. Just seen your post.
    Looking for 2x together today for me and my son, we are both members, he is under 16 but would pay adult rates for him.
    I’ve never used the transfer service before though. Hope that’s ok
    the pair for tomorrow still available? I have one ticket in same section but if I can get yours I’ll get rid of my single and bring my girlfriend.
    Didnt message as it said forum reg. Been here for over a decade but barely post! I’m sure they are gone but if not - let me know! I’d be interested in all 3
    Regulus Arcturus Black
    Hi mate, think they are gone, will let you know if he fails to make the payment
    Ok! Thanks for the reply :)
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