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  1. Books Fantasy Reads

    Hmmmm, ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’. :) The First Law, Long Price Quartet and The Dagger and The Coin also might fit your requests.
  2. Solskjaer's contract

    Fair point I tend to agree.
  3. Solskjaer's contract

    We are in course for 71 points this season which is an improvement compared to the previous one, but not such a big improvement. I did not see the point in continuing with Ole last summer, and I think the same. He simply is not a good enough manager and coach to lead us to glory and win us...
  4. Books Fantasy Reads

    It gets worst from there. For the final book, I skimmed/skipped half of it.
  5. Deepfakes

    Working on both generating and detecting deep fakes, I honestly fear that this is a battle that we cannot win. We just have to learn to deal with them, same as how we deal with quotes of Einstein that we see in Facebook.
  6. Ole and xG

    Saved the paper to read later. DeepMind are very good (though also overhyped) and have done some great work (including the protein prediction a few months ago).
  7. Romelu Lukaku | Inter watch | Best K-Pass, K-Solution, K-Movement Player in Serie A

    Watched him yesterday and he was really brilliant, I must admit.
  8. Cavani, Hit or Miss?

    He already has 7 goals (6 in the league), Larsson scored only 3 (one in the league). Cavani single-handed won a couple of matches for us, Larsson never did so.
  9. Television The Expanse (TV Show)

    The actors there were good though. While here Avasarela is the only one who can be called a good actor.
  10. Television The Expanse (TV Show)

    Good finale to a meh season. Marcos' actor is terrible though. The pilot dying was going to happen cause of the sexual allegations, so was prepared about that. The final scene (potentially a big spoiler):
  11. NBA 2020-2021

    One season too early for Nets, or they might win it this season? If Durant stays healthy, gonna be tough for the others considering that they have 3 megastars.
  12. Everybody Stay Calm

    People are kind of dumb. Klopp in his equivalent season reached UCL's final, Ole couldn't pass the group stage. (also the small fact that Klopp had won before two league titles in a top league and reached another UCL).
  13. Why the heck #OLEOUT is trending again?

    Of course we are not. We are ahead of them in GD, so if someone thinks that is ‘clearly’, they need their heads checked.
  14. The Miserable Existence of Twice Impeached Former US President Donald Trump

    Only 7 Republicans voted for him guilty.
  15. Jeff Bezos to step down as Amazon CEO

    Is Zuck the last-standing founding CEO of tech giants (though he started way later than the others)? Would be interesting to see how this affects Amazon. Google and Apple (second time) did alright when Page/Jobs left, but Microsoft struggled a bit under Ballmer.