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  • But why would Apple have to buy Manchester United in order to broadcast the club's activities?
    Doctor Thrax
    But Apple could do that without having to spend 6-10 billion USD (including 750 Million alone to settle current liabilities and debts) in the first place, as well.
    The exclusive right to stream every Major League Soccer match for the next 10 years on Apple TV cost Apple around $2.5 billion.

    With which justification would they spend a multiple of this for the opportunity to broadcast the events of only one club?
    Are you seriously comparing MLS with United? Come on now.

    I'd take being able to stream United friendlies and pre-season over that. I think it can work but Apple won't go for it
    Doctor Thrax
    The Glazers were constantly criticized for not caring about Man Utd's sporting development enough.
    And now the supporters dream of the club becoming a streaming event?

    This club has absolutely nothing to offer for Apple.
    Even the brand of Apple is bigger than the one of Manchester United.
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