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  1. Ed Woodward 2020/21 | Groundhog Day Edition

    I know what you're saying here, but the season kicks off on 12th Sept. All the teams around the top 4 are strengthening, Chelsea especially, and if we're not careful we'll be playing catch up again this season. We need to get players in early, to train with the team, understand Ole's vision...
  2. Jordan Hendrsone - FWA Footballer of the Year

    For me, he struggles to get in the top 5 Liverpool players of the season. In no particular order: TAA Robertson Fabinho Alisson Mane
  3. How do City and Liverpool press so well?

    We're definitely getting better at it and having Bruno as a 4th attacker helps us to press higher up the pitch. Something I noticed about Southampton on Monday, was they were closing off all the options to the player on the ball, and pressing players without the ball. We really struggled to...
  4. Selling Lukaku...

    This. Lukaku will always score goals wherever he goes, but his overall contribution and ability is not suited to United. His link up play and first touch would seriously hamper our style of play and Ole's vision for the team. Ole took a big gamble selling him and backing Martial and Rashford...
  5. Manchester United vs Sheffield United

    With the amount of games coming up, I'm expecting a few changes: DDG AWB-Maguire-Bailly-Williams Bruno-Matic-Pogba Greenwood-Ighalo-Rashford
  6. Tottenham Hotspur vs Manchester United

    It will be interesting to see how both teams uses the 5 subs rule. We could end up with 2 completely different teams from the start of the match. I would expect Matic, Fred, McT, Pogba and Bruno all to play in the game at some time. DDG AWB Maguire Lindelof Shaw Fred Matic Bruno Rashford...
  7. Who gets the 3rd midfield slot: Fred or McTominay

    I'm expecting Pobga and Bruno to be selected together more for home matches. Against Spurs, I think Ole will go with Fred, McT or Matic and Bruno. Pogba hasn't played a competitive game since December, so will probably start on the bench. It's a great debate though..... can't remember the...
  8. Biggest managerial downgrades

    Busby >> McGuinness I'm nowhere near old enough to remember but just going off his record - played 23, won 5, drew 9, lost 9. At least Moyes won 27 out of 52.
  9. Pick a Player

    May Adams or Keown?
  10. What's our best centre-back partnership?

    To answer the original thread title "What's our best centre back partnership", the obvious answer is Maguire and Lindelöf. These are the only 2 that have built a partnership this season, due to injuries to Tuanzebe and Bailly. Until they get a sustained run in the team it's all guess work, as...
  11. Name every player from Sir Alex's Title wins

    64. Hilarious to think Dong Fangzhuo and Manucho won the Premier League :lol:
  12. What's your midfield three with everyone fit?

    I think it would depend on the opposition and if we are playing at home or away. Home: Fred, Pogba, Bruno Away: Fred, McT, Bruno Bruno's performances since he signed have been outstanding and he's looking better every time. For the first time in his return to United, Pogba must be concerned...
  13. Solskjær press conference vs Leicester

    Possibly a 5-3-2? DDG Young - Maguire - Lindelöf - Tuanzabe - James Matic - McT - Pereira Mata/Greenwood - Rashford
  14. Predict the Top 6 in order

    1. City 2. Liverpool 3. Spurs 4. Chelsea 5. United 6. Arsenal
  15. Harry Maguire - Manchester United Player

    Delighted by this news. A massive upgrade was needed in defence and he will compliment AWB perfectly. Personally can see him being made captain in the coming seasons.