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  1. Anthony Martial | 2020/21 Performances

    That's not what happened. Ole screamed from the bench to let Martial take the penalty and he confirmed it post match. The pen was never Rashfords to give since Ole confirmed that Martial was the penality taker that game because he started. I've seen this said a lot in the media that Rashford...
  2. Manchester United vs Arsenal

    How are so many people including Martial in their line ups :lol:
  3. Manchester United vs RB Leipzig

    Very true. There is simply no excuse for Ole to fail to rotate given the resources he has now both in attack and midfield, especially midfield. In Martial and Cavani he has no excuse to run Rashford to the ground, same with Bruno in midfield who has both of Pogba and VDB qualify to slot in for...
  4. Manchester United vs RB Leipzig

    Very well said. Some people are acting as if we do t have the quality to rotate and we have to run the likes of Bruno and Rashford to the ground to get result. I mean the likes of Pogba, VDB, Cavani, Martial, Greenwood, Matic are the players that could easily replate, rotate with Bruno and...
  5. Ole Gunnar Solskjær | 2020/21 Discussion

    In case of AWB it means losing the ball because he's clumsy :lol:
  6. Ole Gunnar Solskjær | 2020/21 Discussion

    I think some people are forgetting that this is technically his third season and she shouldn't keep hearing arguments about him still "making progress, bigger picture, etc". His football should be established by now and we should see some consistency, not just us still getting there. He's got...
  7. Manchester United vs RB Leipzig

  8. Manchester United vs RB Leipzig

    They should be rested midweek in the CL and come back for the Arsenal game. Bruno has been playing non stop including the international games almost every 3 days and is due a rest. Ole simply has no excuse to fail to provide adequate rest and protection for his key players in midfield given how...
  9. Manchester United vs RB Leipzig

    Against Chelsea yeah. But since Bruno didn't get rested against Chelsea he should start from the bench against Leipzeig. Midfield is the area where we're the most stacked and shuffling wouldn't see drop in quality. In Pogba and VDB, that's 2 players who could play that advanced midfield role...
  10. Manchester United vs RB Leipzig

    Hasn't Bruno been playing non stop including the international games? We have depth in midfield for us to run an integral player into the ground by starting him every single game, especially when they're coming every other day. We're well stocked up in midfield to be overplaying anyone in that...
  11. Manchester United vs RB Leipzig

    I know you just want to watch the world burn :lol:
  12. Post match vs Chelsea

    AWB on the ball is simply tragic. He literally fecked up everything going forward today, be it simple passes or anything else with his clumsiness. At a point he was through his FB but than clumsily just jumbled up his legs and collapse. Fecking disaster going forward or on the ball.
  13. Manchester United vs Chelsea

    Describes AWB perfectly.
  14. Manchester United vs Chelsea

    AWB makes me feel sad sometimes. Sigh
  15. Amad “Traore“ Diallo

    I literally just mentioned that he was 17 the whole of last season. What's so hard to understand? He was a kid who got called up to the first team and was in and out again because he was a 17 year old kid. What do some of you expect to hear? That a kid that started last season as a 16 year old...