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  1. Next Labour leader

  2. Has political correctness actually gone mad?
  3. Harry & Meghan step back from Royals - seeking financial independence

    Why did you capitalise "SHE"?
  4. Next Labour leader

    It's never that precise judgement call though and if everything else is reasonably equal then it's certainly a plus point to have a mixed race woman when you've only had white men in the past in as much as she will have different experiences and insights that she can bring to the role.
  5. Next Labour leader

    You're taking shite and keep making the same hypocritical post which is getting boring.
  6. Next Labour leader

    Starmer/Nandy RLB Philips Thornberry
  7. Next Labour leader

    No, they believe that more democracy will make Labour better at achieving what they think its aims should be. As I said in the first place, they aren't campaigning for all organisations to be democratic, correct me if I'm wrong.
  8. Next Labour leader

  9. Next Labour leader

    If they campaigned for the labour party to disband does that mean they'd have to disband themselves first or be hypocrites? If they campaigned for labour to sack it's leader do they have to sack their own leader first?
  10. Next Labour leader

    Momentum exist to push a certain agenda. If Momentum members voted for Philips then they'd be in a ridiculous situation wouldn't they? It'd be completely counter productive to their objectives. Momentum aren't saying that all organisations should be democratic as far as I'm aware so I don't see...
  11. Next Labour leader

    I really don't get the point in a pressure group polling its members to find out who to recommend its members should vote for.
  12. Next Labour leader

    I can't really see past Starmer winning at this point. He does actually seen to be the unity candidate that was hoped for. RLB will lose votes from Corbyn supporters but not gain any from anyone else. Philips is an idiot and has no chance. Nandy might have a chance but I think there are...
  13. Next Labour leader

    Sorry pal, as shit as Burgon is, the cool aid was used up by all those Tory cnuts falling for Johnson's bullshit in December.
  14. UK raises concerns after teenager convicted of lying about Cyprus rape

    Where does falsely accusing someone of falsely accusing someone of rape whilst also having raped them fit into this spectrum?
  15. UK raises concerns after teenager convicted of lying about Cyprus rape

    That's definitely not the right analogy.