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  1. Westminster Politics

  2. Westminster Politics

    The easiest and safest answer would be for the UK government to organise boats for these people to get across the channel. So why not just do that?
  3. Keir Starmer Labour Leader

    It would help if people like you didn't go around giving the impression that the Labour manifesto is at serious risk of not vastly improving the lives of white working class people because it's focusing too much on minority issues.
  4. Keir Starmer Labour Leader

    People are saying stuff like this believe it or not:
  5. Keir Starmer Labour Leader

    Then surely you would be also offended by the amount of people who characterise the red wall as being against minorities and therefore the reason why Labour should shut up about improving minority rights?
  6. Keir Starmer Labour Leader

    What's hypocritical?
  7. Keir Starmer Labour Leader

    Spare me the pearl clutching.
  8. Keir Starmer Labour Leader

    That was the time that Johnny Centrist vociferously agreed that we needed to care, and surprise surprise, Mr 'I don't care much about politics' ends up thinking Jeremy Corbyn is an anti-semite who needs to be stopped that time around.
  9. Keir Starmer Labour Leader

    The people I'm talking about are party political and do in fact have influence over those who aren't party political that you are referring to.
  10. Keir Starmer Labour Leader

    First of all I think we should actually work out whether Labour is really prioritising minority issues above all before we constantly tell the "white working class voters" that they are right to think so.
  11. Keir Starmer Labour Leader

    Is that not the frustration for minorities? It's easy for very real problems to be dismissed by Johnny Centrist saying "I honestly and deeply care about your plight but you need to think about my much more important priorities and by the way we really need to keep the bigots red wall onside".
  12. Keir Starmer Labour Leader

    Unfortunately I don't think transphobia is confined to just the Labour right. Either way Starmer needs show some leadership on it but I don't think he will.
  13. Keir Starmer Labour Leader

    Duffield is still at it.
  14. Westminster Politics

    Also Ian Austin, John woodcock, Frank field and gisela Stuart... I wonder why
  15. Jeremy Corbyn - Not Labour Leader

    That's exactly what it is.