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Dec 31, 2007
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Jun 7, 1989 (Age: 30)


Bearded Scholes admirer, Male, 30, from Toronto


I made a status, go me! Jun 6, 2013

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    1. esmufc07
      Hi Solius
      1. Solius
        Mar 30, 2018
    2. Amar__
      How do you follow yourself? How is that even possible?
      1. Solius
        I don't how I managed it.
        May 27, 2015
      2. Amar__
        See, that's why I follow you. You are different than others(no homo).
        May 27, 2015
    3. Barney
      Good night good sir. Make sure you follow me back.
    4. fishfingers15
      Justice for Fiza, Golden Justice for Golden Fiza
    5. Grinner
      Solius fecks arses
    6. Rolandofgilead
      Solius kicked my puppy once he's a right belt buckle
    7. Duafc
      This is all really disappointing to see, Solvista.
    8. Fiza Golden
      There's really no reason for you to be such a condescending, nasty bully especially to someone who hasn't harmed you in any way. Do you think you can bully others just because you're an admin? I have a good mind to let the other admins know about you, though some may take your side. For your sake, I hope you grow the hell up & stop with this horrible attitude & power trip!
      1. Revan
        Report him to Eboue and Relevated. They are co-owners of the site and only them can fight the power of Solius. It is what I did when I registered, Solius was even a more condescanding twat back in time. He repeatedly deleted my posts, and one time he merged my Star Wars thread with Muffled Funk's transformers thread.

        Be aware though, there are modmins who are even worse. Especially The Mitcher.
        May 29, 2014
    9. Fiza Golden
      I wish there was a way I could block you / put you on ignore & report you. There was really no need for you to start trouble with me or anyone else. There was certainly no reason for you to delete my posts on my forums. There was certainly no need for you to give attitude in your replies to me or anyone else. I hope that the other admins are not as horrible as you are.
    10. Muffled funk
      solius why did you move Fiza's thread to the mains laugh at him then delete it?
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      2. Solius
        May 29, 2014
      3. Revan
        The posts are on the general forum in the main, a forum that can't be seen from outside.

        I want to congratulate you for becoming my 873th favorite ever poster on redcafe. Between, I also love Natalie Portman.

        Muffled Fund, do you have Weaste's post somewhere recorded or how you post it so often?
        May 29, 2014
      4. Muffled funk
        yeah I had a convo with someone who got band so now I just post quotes in it.
        May 29, 2014
    11. Big-Red
      You're a wanker
      1. Solius
        May 29, 2014
      2. Big-Red
        nah, you're alright. Keep it up, might be mod one day
        May 29, 2014
    12. Fiza Golden
      I'd appreciate it if you chill with the attitude towards me. Why are you being so mean, rude & condescending towards me? From what I noticed from the other profile posts posted by others, you're not exactly a nice guy towards them either. Why must you delete & moderate my posts when I have not violated any of the terms & conditions of
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      2. Fiza Golden
        So, did you delete both my posts or just the one?
        May 29, 2014
      3. Solius
        None were deleted. I closed one. I can't believe you called me a wanker.
        May 29, 2014
      4. Eboue
        This makes for some grim reading. From now on, I am going to treat you like a mentally disable creature Solius.
        Jun 1, 2014
    13. Swearengen
      Thanks for the like yesterday mate
    14. Skilldy
      How are you following yourself?
    15. EsMaximo
      I had made 600+ posts and everything was fine. I am a united fan and it just kills me to not be able to share my thoughts. So please please please can you unban me?

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      2. Solius
        What are you doing on my profile you perv x
        Apr 12, 2014
      3. WR
        Apr 12, 2014
      4. Eboue
        May 17, 2014
    16. EsMaximo
      Yes, I understand, that was a miscommunication from another member of your staff abusing their power because they felt they were hurt. Be a bigger man.
      Can I not take credit for the account I have for 'dabest'? No second chance?
      1. Solius
        No because DaBest, i.e you, was also considered to be a poor poster.
        Jun 18, 2013
    17. EsMaximo
      Anyway, I had two accounts because for the life of me I cannot remember my passwords. Then I got banned from one of them because there was a miscommunication. That was all under the rug and all until I got banned from 'DaBest' account which I had used and there was no problems.
      1. Solius
        You were banned as DaBoss before your DaBest account.
        Jun 18, 2013
    18. EsMaximo
      Here me out mate. I have been banned by this forum because I had multiple accounts. Now, I have no one to contact this about so this is my friend's account which he had made through his internet connection.
    19. EsMaximo
      Hi there
      1. Solius
        Erm... hello.
        Jun 18, 2013
    20. esmufc07
      You can't even infract me either
    21. esmufc07
      I have more likes than you
      1. Solius
        Jun 6, 2013
    22. Solius
      I made a status, go me!
      1. Barney
        Go you!
        Jan 28, 2015
    23. Count Duckula
      Yo feckface how's about you freshen up a bit and suck on my beak?
    24. The Flying Potato
      Thanks for the add babe
    25. Solius
    26. esmufc07
      Solius is a wanker.
      1. Solius
        Jan 7, 2018
    27. Gaz.
      You have little to be at :lol:
    28. Solius
      Haha you have no visitor messages.
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    Jun 7, 1989 (Age: 30)
    Favourite Player:
    Paul Scholes
    Best United Moment:
    The Treble - 08' Champions League win