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    Dak will do better this half once he does post season Rodgers from last decade and starts ignoring McCarthy
  • I thought he was done after his first season with us He then had spells like post lockdown when it was him Pogba and Bruno in midfield I can't blame him though, it's ridiculous the manager leaves him on when he's getting bypassed like that
  • The biggest issue I have with him is how he doesn't show for the ball and seems to just hide behind an opposition taking himself out as an option It's frustrating cos there are times when he gets the ball and does so well with it, whether it's...
  • I think I'd be more frustrated with his shoot on sight policy if the rest weren't so shit at shooting themselves
  • Subbing him kinda killed our threat which is a shame
  • It does seem like he will only play as a Bruno replacement (who hardly misses a game) I do wonder why we can't try Fred vdb and Bruno together. Bruno obviously plays furthest forward so I think Fred and vdb are good enough to play deep and swap...
  • Or first season embedding into a new league I think he will be fine if we get competent midfielders who can pass and move too (and a structure) It seems we change game to game and that's bonkers for a supposed big club
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    Shaw is better but Shaw has been kinda atrocious early in the season (especially when ole was In charge) Telles is a good back up but should not be a starter However he should still be ok for games like this
  • Probably the least of our problems It does look like he makes a mistake every game but our control of football games is so shit that as a defender he's facing way too many situations, where eventually a mistake will happen The midfield we have...
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    Watched this on D+ today (first marvel movie I haven't seen in the cinema in ages) It was different but I enjoyed it. Maybe a bit too long but some of the characters were great fun to watch in this type of movie It really felt like a different...
  • Bumping this as I recently binged it For a first season it was fun and probably enjoyable as a non book reader to binge this in two / three parts rather than once a week. Easier to take in especially if going forward it will be once a week...
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    So worth watching then? Was hoping for some good feedback before going into it
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    I still haven't finished season 3. It became tough to watch
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    Tbf most will watch rumble cos it's rumble
  • Sylar replied to the thread Television The Pro Graps Thread.
    It should be samoa Joe... So then after rumble Vince can fire him again