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  1. Ralph Hasenhüttl

    I mean you only need to look at his record with such an average squad over the last 30 / 40 games. Massively overachieving there, they'd be close to relegation if someone like Big Sam were there for instance.
  2. Premier League Gameweek 10

    Yeah regardless of how good or bad Arteta is, the quality of their side is just poor all round. What’s the deal with Pepe these days?
  3. Fred’s value

    My only gripe with him is that he gives away the ball in dangerous areas with just the two CBs covering him. Other than that, his work rate and pressing is brilliant and his ability to progress the ball to a player between the lines is extremely underrated. He got dropped to make space for...
  4. Premier League Gameweek 10

    Damn hope he’s okay. Was a sickening thud.
  5. Thiago Silva | Chelsea Player

    Put Adama against him and let’s see how he gets on :D Seriously though, looks class.
  6. Aaron Wan-Bissaka | 2020/21 Performances

    Agree with this, good post!
  7. Aaron Wan-Bissaka | 2020/21 Performances

    He’s using his strength and pace to keep hold of the ball well, so I’m not too worried about him getting pressed by a single player anymore. So, some improvement but still doesn’t offer much attack wise, a Telles clone on the right would be amazing.
  8. Edinson Cavani - 2020/21 Performances

    I just feel Rashford and Martial aren’t proper #9s, both do better coming in from the left and playing off Bruno and a #9. Greenwood hopefully grows into that role and can really learn from Cavani.
  9. Donny van de Beek | 2020/21 Performances

    He is so damn good at all the basics, has Ajax stamped all over him. Unbelievable player - what I wished for Pogba to be all these years. Probably won’t score / assist as many as Bruno but that’s just fine by me.
  10. Post match vs Southampton

    Cavani and VdB :cool:
  11. Iniesta vs Silva

  12. Iniesta vs Silva

    It's somewhat unfair on Silva because he didn't really play for peak Barca which is probably the greatest side the world has ever seen, but based on what they showed for their respective clubs / Spain, it has to be Iniesta and it's not even close.
  13. Players you believe get a raw deal on the caf

    It's almost as if there's more than one person on this forum :lol: To the caf's credit, people don't flip flop a lot, they just make up their minds and come out in droves depending on whether the player in question has had a good game or a bad one.
  14. When do we cut our losses on Maguire?

    Strange thread. I'm not in love with him as a player, but he's fine. The only annoying thing is if he's 1v1 against an agile attacker who can turn him, he struggles. Pretty happy with everything else about his game (passing, heading, positioning, leadership etc.)
  15. Our midfield: do we have the right balance and if not what type of player(s) should we be looking for?

    Have to disagree there, even when we have a proper DM (Matic) we ask him to play as an #8 as a part of the double pivot, press up high etc. Giving Ole an out and out DM would be terrible. A high energy CM who is also somewhat press resistant would be great. Not that we can get him, but Kante...