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  1. Europa League 2019/20

    Terrible pen. That's probably it for Getafe.
  2. Europa League 2019/20

    Pen check for Getafe Given!
  3. Europa League 2019/20

    Pen to Cope. Scored. 2-0
  4. Europa League 2019/20

    Varela with an assist.
  5. Solskjær press conference vs LASK (H)

    Smalling ain't coming back. Ole is just talking him up. He did the same with Sanchez.
  6. Ander Herrera Revisited

    When he signed 32mil was a lot of money. That's probably around the equivalent of 50-60mil these days? He was a disappointment in my book in terms of his creative output. 12 goals and 17 PL assists is pretty poor over 5 seasons. His work rate and effort made him popular but in reality he...
  7. So let's talk about Eddie Howe....

  8. Pochettino watch | Newcastle bound?

    So where will he go now the Newcastle takeover is off?
  9. Harry Maguire becomes first United outfield player to play every league minute for 25 years

    Its goals like the first one v Bournemouth that he needs to be stopping. I highlighted a numbers of his weaknesses in the transfer thread last summer and that type of incident is what keeps him from going from a good CB to a top one. He is a 50mil CB who we paid 80mil for but thats not his...
  10. The Fernandes Table

    Before Bruno P24 GF 36 Pts 34 Since he signed P14 GF 30 Pts 32 We only got 2 points less despite playing 10 less games since he signed. Just shows how much impact the right signings can have.
  11. Greatest players never to win a club trophy

    Son as well. Nothing won at club level.
  12. How many points we would take if Bruno was signed last summer?

    34 Pts from 24 games before Bruno. 32 Pts from 14 games since he signed. I reckon another 15 points at least.
  13. We're comfortably the third best team in the league

    If we had Bruno from the start we would havr another few points on the board. That said with Chelsea's new signings it's not clear cut going into next season. Hopefully we add some more quality.
  14. Play the kids for Europa [Poll added]

    The winners of the EL are a top seed. Currently we are in the 2nd pot.