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  1. Rúben Dias

    Ok I think that's not an unfair assessment, but surely then you must acknowledge that it's a bigger gamble to go for the CB that is technically inferior yet a better leader (which in large part could very credibly be attributed to Dias' playing in his home country). If I were working for a big...
  2. N'Golo Kante (appreciation thread)

    Yeah 100%. His ability to win the ball cleanly and avoid fouls is second to none - especially when he's unleashed up the pitch and can press seemingly out of nowhere. Caused Madrid (and Kroos in particular) all kinds of problems today by haring after any and all midfielders in his zone as soon...
  3. Liga Portuguesa 20/21

    <3 muito obrigado! Temos dois filhas tambem e pois posso falar no nível de uma criança com dois anos (mais o menos) :D
  4. Andreas Christensen

    I've been blown away by his seamless transition from the central CB in a 3 to being the RCB - really didn't think he had it in his locker but fair fecks he's been absolutely immense there and arguably better than he was in the middle. Looks so comfortable on the ball as well - a complete modern...
  5. N'Golo Kante (appreciation thread)

    Oh great shout and completely agreed. Mata is an absolute gem - hard to be a better person than he is/was a footballer but think he managed it.
  6. N'Golo Kante (appreciation thread)

    Yeah Rashford is a good shout, though I think he might suffer due to some of the toxicity and tribalism around the England squad though - and to be completely fair I don't speak French so if similar dialogues have taken place over Kante then I've completely missed them.
  7. N'Golo Kante (appreciation thread)

    Is there another professional athlete with as universal an approval rating? Not trying to WUM or anything but I cannot for the life of me think of another player in any sport who is as beloved (and for good reason obviously).
  8. Liga Portuguesa 20/21

    Certo! Boa sorte! Eu sou Americano, e pois não tenho muita experiência em futebol português há mais de 7-8 anos. Mas sei que seria uma grande conquista!!
  9. Chelsea appoint Thomas Tuchel

    Would definitely agree that fitness is a skill / trait that is often overlooked at the moment and Maguire has to get credit for it. If you were picking a player to have in your side for the next year you'd be crazy to not take Maguire; if you were picking a player for a one off match tomorrow...
  10. Eden Hazard | Real Madrid player

    No absolutely makes sense mate, wasn't trying to have a go or anything and I think you were right to call me out on being a bit OTT! Yeah think Hazard is probably 3rd behind Giggs and CR7, considering peak and longevity.
  11. Rúben Dias

    Yeah agreed with this for sure. Dias has gone up several levels since joining City and Lindelof has stagnated.
  12. Liga Portuguesa 20/21

    Meu sogro é para Sporting e minha sogra e esposa são Benfiqistas - há muita tensão agora mesmo :lol:
  13. Chelsea appoint Thomas Tuchel

    Both are probably about level defensively - Maguire is better in the air, Silva is better at reading the game and making interceptions proactively (at least in my opinion; not sure what the stats say). The difference though is in their distribution - Silva is probably the best passing CB in the...
  14. Champions league Semi Finals 2020-21 - April 27-28 and May 4-5

    To me the thought process behind keeping it is so alien it's incomprehensible. I genuinely cannot understand how any human being can willingly choose to have that on their head, let alone one worth billions.
  15. Champions league Semi Finals 2020-21 - April 27-28 and May 4-5

    :lol: apologies for the low blow mate!