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  1. How do we sell Harry Maguire?

    Of course you won't remember this situation at any other PL club. You don't support them, therefore you won't follow their comments as closely. I bet a deep dive into RAWK during their lean times or Bluemoon would reveal stuff that rivals what we sometimes see here. And that's without...
  2. Shifting goalposts

    But... this only advantages you for 45 minutes.
  3. Thank you Jesse

    Thanks for scoring in both domestic cup final wins.
  4. Your club’s biggest letdown season?

    Januzaj was the following season. We got Kagawa in 12/13 though.
  5. Your club’s biggest letdown season?

    Too young to remember it, but I'll give a first mention to 94/95. Won the double the previous season. Lost the league on the final day with a draw despite Liverpool doing us a favour by beating Blackburn. Went on to lose the FA Cup final to Everton. Not my club, but you've to have this one for...
  6. Best team in PL history my a*se

    Tied with Blackburn & Leicester. Actually, those did it in non COVID seasons.
  7. Best team in PL history my a*se

    The only embarrassing thing is the current team who don't have it in them to "create new ones". The fans have every right to be proud of the club's past accomplishments.
  8. Best team in PL history my a*se

    They lost. Also failed to match what they got when they lost in 2019.
  9. Best team in PL history my a*se

    Not really, SAF won 13 league titles.
  10. Liverpool’s qUAdRuPle

    No better than Chelsea in 06/07. Sack the manager.
  11. Premier League Gameweek 36-37

    Well Maguire & Co. gifted you nine.
  12. Who wins united player of the season

    One of West Ham’s players
  13. Have we turned a corner ?

    Yes, much like Nicolas Latifi.
  14. Manchester United vs Leicester City

    It wasn't good, but that wasn't even the worst game between United and Leicester this season.