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  • Hi varun, please if you dont mind and have the time explain to me what a double post is so I don't do that again.
    I have the solution for fixing the tweets not showing problem for Samsung Internet that allows people to keep using that browser. It is being discussed in the Technical/Help forum but I have no access to post.

    Options - Extensions - Tracking Blocker- turn to OFF.
    Thanks but it's just a problem with the lousy data connectivity at times. It's fine otherwise.
    I hope you didn't feel that you had to close that thread because of my comment.
    No, it was due to maciek's post.
    I suspected as much. It would have been quite funny if you read his and was like "yeah, nothing wrong with that" and then saw mine and immediately shut it down :)
    Funny and signs of mental instability on my part. :p
    Cheat code!! CHEAT CODE
    Haha. That's exactly what he was especially during the last few years when he'd have won it with any team in the top 4 really.
    I might be mistaken but I think I remember you from the newbies. You were talking about Cristiano and there was this picture of him showing mad vascularity on his legs. You said he might be on something.
    Don't remember mate. Could be.
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