CervicalCheck Scandal

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    Vicky Phelan has been absolutely astounding throughout the recent media coverage of her case. It's utterly devastating to hear that she could have had a 90% chance of survival if she'd been informed at the right time. How did it end up that so many women were not informed when the mistake was found??
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    Eyepopper Lowering the tone since 2006

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    Its the HSE, another week, another monumental feck up.

    As usual, they'll waste months and millions on an enquiry, no one will be held accountable. We'll get a press release saying they're sorry, that 'lessons have been learned', a list of recommendations, that will never be implemented, and we'll carry on to the next monumental feck up.

    Its what happens when you have a faceless organisation, who report and answer to no one.
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    Took the words out of my mouth.
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    Told ya so....

    The head of the HSE says he only found out about the smear issue while watching the news, maybe because he was busy that day doing his second job, as a board member of a US pharma company...

    HSE's Tony O'Brien to take temporary leave of absence from board of US contraceptive firm http://jrnl.ie/3991992

    ...no conflict of interest there, and its not as if the HSE is so mired in feckups that it needs the sole focus of the man in charge anyway!

    Oh, wait...

    Portiuncula Hospital review found 'serious management errors' made in cases of 10 babies http://jrnl.ie/3993238

    A day in the life of the HSE ladies and gentlemen.