Chris Hughton leaves Brighton

Discussion in 'Football Forum' started by 48 hours, May 13, 2019.

  1. May 18, 2019

    JustAGuest New Member

    Jun 19, 2013
    Exactly. It's funny to see the same criticism every time a smaller club shows some ambition past the point of just trying not to be relegated every season. Their football has been dire to watch, I can fully understand wanting a change. Seeing opposition fans wish them relegation over this is hilarious. :lol:
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    Dan-Utd New Member

    May 17, 2016
    It's about time a group formed to kick "kick it out" out of football,

    Brighton won 3 of their last 23 Premier League games and some joker who represents Kick It Out brings race into it and thinks survival is like winning a trophy, I thought Brighton had spent a few quid on players i/e the Goalkeeper etc - if that was a white manager - you'd expect 3 wins in 23 would be at risk of being sacked - verdict: not race related.

    Southend sacked Chris Powell with them in 20th place and 11 games without a win - a supporter of Kick It Out mentioned race. - if that was a white manager - you'd expect 20th place would be at risk of being sacked - verdict: not race related.

    Sol Campbell wins 7 out of 27 games and saves Macclesfield from relegation - someone who represents Kick It Out mentions race, says he's done an amazing job and it's a shock that no club above League Two gave Sol a chance.

    They actually give the impression that black managers think they are entitled to this or that job.

    Christ imagine owning a football club and thinking "if i appoint a black manager and results don't go well - i'll get accused of being racist if i sack him"
    IMO any black manager out there should distance himself from Kick It Out because they are causing a divide and a "white manager v black manager" situation.

    It would be great to see more black managers in the game, but we don't actually know how many black former players want to be a manager / apply for managers jobs, you don't see many of them in the news declaring an interest in a vacancy etc,

    We have lots of black and mixed players in the England team, pretty much every Premier League team has at last 3 black players in their starting 11 and most clubs in the Football League have at least 5 black players contracted to them. If race was an issue and stopped these clubs employing a black manager would they have black players? i doubt it.

    There is a problem with some football supporters being racist, but it's a dangerous precedent to suggest that clubs don't want to employ black managers, i certainly don't think the "Rooney Rule" forcing clubs to give an interview will help either as that's degrading, "they are only giving me an interview because it's the law" what a lovely way to make a man feel!
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    Yes very clever get rid of kick it out, there is more than “just a problem with some football supporters being racist”

    This was one person and it wasn’t “bringing race into it” as you state, therefore implying Chris Hughton saving was a racist move by BHAFC. he said Hughton was treated shabbily, which can easily be argued and then went on to say "We are now at worse than square one. What people don't understand is the real difficulties for black managers getting through the bottle neck at the top of football. We are talking about measly numbers.“

    There is no lie in that, it is difficult for black managers and not just in the UK but across Europe, the numbers are measly. Denigrating the difficulties faced by non white people in football as you do in this post “if race was an issue and stooped clubs employing a black manager would they have black players ? I doubt it” shows a massive lack of understanding or even the recent history of the difficulties faced by black players as well.

    Finally even though the interview with Tory Townsend isn’t quite what you’ve claimed here, kick it out apologised to the club immediately for any slight in their reputation.

    So yeah, let’s get rid of kick it out...
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    nore1975 Full Member

    Jan 5, 2014
    Results not race cost Chris Hughton his job at Brighton even though I think he was hard done by. I think results more than race is why managers do or don't get opportunities. I suppose for me the bigger question is for example when you think of Paul Ince was he a manager or a black manager. The reason I say this is I think black shouldn't be mentioned. We would never say Jurgen Klopp white manager. Race is irrelevant in terms of ability to do a job so why bring it up in the first place. John Barnes failed at Celtic because he wasn't a good manager not because he is black.
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    Garethw scored 25-30 goals a season as a right footed RW

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    I hope they get fecking relegated. Seagull wankers.
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