Rooney, Ronaldo, Tevez


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Jul 7, 2013
Never understood why we talk about them as a attacking trident, we normally played 442 back then.
because holy trinity!! .... definitely think some people have slightly inflated memories of that era. Yes we scored on some pretty devastating counters, mostly because of Ronnie's blistering pace and willingness to bust a gut and sprint 70 yards. But they didn't click all that often, and were definitely some ways apart from Klopp's current front 3.

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Jun 26, 2014
FA Cup quarter final rewind on BBC right now. These three losing to Redknapp's Portsmouth in 2008 will never ever not be galling. Amount of times we went close and couldn't get the ball in the net is insane.


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Sep 10, 2010
Never really felt Tevez was all that great for United and played better at City and Juventus. It was a strange relationship where he it never felt like he was our player. After he left he continued to disrespect the club and Sir Alex

For this is the reason many of us will never forgive Tevez. Leaving to City was hardly a poor decision at the time considering, but he way he did it with ZERO dignity was pathetic. Kettle face cnut.
May 22, 2017
They just had the Utd vs Portsmouth FA Cup tie from that era on the BBC. We had Rooney, Ronaldo, Rooney, Scholes, Nani all playing and lost 0-1. It was the game Ferdinand ended up in goal.


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Aug 7, 2017
Benzema, Bale, Ronaldo trio in 2013/14 were better than Rooney, Tevez, Ronaldo in 2007/08 although part of that is that Ronaldo became better too. I'd argue none of Tevez, Rooney or Ronaldo even had their best individual season in 2007/08, all of them went on to have better seasons from an individual level.

That BBC trio doesn't get the respect they deserve because Barca had Messi, Neymar and Suarez at the same time but they're one of the best front threes ever.
Fair enough mate, I just loved that season and all those players equally. They never failed to impress and always had that special quality to get the team over the line. Tevez despite his rep was pretty much unknown to many fans and we always love cheering on those types of players, he surprised everyone and was playing his heart out that season.


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Jun 11, 2011
And Solskjær has won it!
I post this from time to time so we don’t get wistfully nostalgic about Tevez:


After hearing Tevez spout off shit for so long I decided to put together a timeline of all that was said and done.

Here is why Carlos Tevez is a mercenary mary poppin that deserves no sympathy:

I still see alot of United fan's, blaming United and Ferguson for the loss of Carlos Tevez to our biggest rivals. If we take a look at the timeline of events, is it so clear?

August 2007 - Tevez signs for United. United's attack consists of Rooney, Saha, Tevez, Ronaldo.
May 2008 - United lift European Cup to compliment the Premiership trophy.

August 2008 - Perenial Injury victim Louis Saha looks on his way out as a squad with just Rooney and Tevez as recognised strikers with Ronaldo (who it is now known was playing his last season with us, something Fergie already knew).

Ferguson knew he would need to add another striker and as he is a manager always looking to the future he felt another dimension
was needed which is why he felt he should bring in Berbatov.

August 2008 - Berbatov signs, seeing that we have Rooney - Tevez and Berbatov with a soon to be leaving Ronaldo as our attack.

December 5th 2008 -

So..... We weren't making any effort to sign him? December 2008 and Carlos and his agent are being "difficult".

December 16th 2008 -
January 4th 2009 -

April 2nd 2009 -
May 10th 2009 -

So what changed Carlos? You were happy to wait until the season was over... "not about money"? No one has said it was.... could it be that City have offered you alot of money and you know the talk will soon start changing to that of money.....

Jun 27th - United are understood to have agreed a £25m deal for Carlos Tevez who's contract runs out on Jun 30th.

Jun 30th - Tevez understood to have agreed a deal 2 weeks ago with Manchester City.

July 14th 2009 - Tevez signs for City on a £150,000 a week contract for a reported £45m.

So lets get this straight.

1. We talk contracts, Tevez and Joorbachin are impossible to negotiate with. Tevez is happy with how he is treated.

2. Tevez denys talk of any contract talks but says he has agreed with Ferguson to to talk about it after the season has finished...

3. Before the season is finished, he starts talking about how money is not an issue but they have never had any contract talks and this upsets him,
despite agreeing it is best to wait unitl the football is finished....

4.United then agree a deal with Joorbachin for Carlos Tevez, who is one of only three strikers at the club following the departure of Ronaldo to Madrid, but Tevez had already agreed a big money deal with City....

Of course it wasn't the money.

You are a mercenary mary poppin who took all the United fans for mugs, you disrespected Ferguson and still maintain that "you had no choice to leave United" and that we will regret not treating you better".

I hope you get run over by your own Bentley.

You and your crooked agent are an example of everything that is wrong with modern football, so it's more than fitting that you join City.
Very good summary of Tevez and his agents antics. He's a mercenary feckwit of the highest order, one of the worst in football. Was a great player for City and Juve at times but also probably one of the most unprofessional around.


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Oct 22, 2017
Good write up on tevez. Still wish we had signed him. Loved him for us. I think Rooney gets nowhere near enough credit for the 07 08 season either. He was absolutely amazing and not that far off being as important as Ronaldo.
Agree, Rooney was awesome, in that season, I watched that bloody mess of a quarter final in F.A cup v Pompy, hammerd them and lost 0-1 to a pen, keeper sent off, I'd forgotten about that, we would have won the FA cup as well that season. Tevez was great went for the money, we all new that. Great team we had then .


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May 3, 2013
Rooney and Tevez were brilliant, don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Rooney was the heart and soul of the team. The very definition of a United player. Their intensity did wonders for the team. Ronnie that season became Mr goals. Tevez worked really hard and also had quality.

Berba ruined that team. Due to them we could play an athletically challanged midfield. Also Ronnie could take breaks defensively and hang about up the pitch and be the point of the break. What also change was our ability to turn the ball over high up the pitch and go into an immediate attack.

Why some have some range of opinions as to how good they were or weren't is because they were awful in front of goal. Rooney and Tevez at that time weren't lethal, certainly not in the way they later became. I remember a game against Villa where they literally could've both scored 5 goals each but didn't.


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Mar 17, 2008
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To be fair, that's because Saha barely played the second half of the season. Kept getting injured.
Yeah his injuries were really frustrating. Another side effect of that (and injuries to our back line) was that it seemed we were running on fumes in the last few weeks... Literally staggered over the line

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Mar 19, 2008
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Yeah his injuries were really frustrating. Another side effect of that (and injuries to our back line) was that it seemed we were running on fumes in the last few weeks... Literally staggered over the line
It really felt like we were going to throw it away towards the end. I vividly remember that day we came back from 2-0 down at HT to win at Goodison, and Bolton scored a late equalizer against Chelsea. Absolute rollercoaster of emotions.


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Sep 29, 2004
I wonder how the next decade would've differed if we kept the 2008 team together.