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  • Why are you wasting time over Cina's comments
    He's weird in every possible sense of the world
    (I am referring to his comments about breaking bad and mad men being ground breaking)
    Its my general opinion about most of your posts.
    Since you are senior and a moderator, you can do whatever you like (that includes expressing your views about stuff). I personally find most of your opinions very weird. Especially about breaking bad !
    i'm not going to ban you, but i will kill you.
    looking forward to that !
    Hey Amol.

    I was just wondering why you haven't invited Antex to the mains yet? He seems like a good guy in my opinion.
    Hello rboobc.

    I have no idea what an invite is. I assume posters are promoted based in good posting in the newbie forum.
    This seems a bit harsh. Antex is a good guy I reckon. You should invite him to the mains. I think you're being mean.
    I used to be a writer for IGN back in 2001 & gamefaq (ask me the articles & confirmation) and I visited for almost footie forums (including bigosccer, xtratime, etc....except for soccerpulse). Went to Tiki taka after the forums closed but always visited this even before this closed. Just want an invite. Thanks!

    I'm not even sure what an invite is. As far as I know you have post in the newbie forum upon joining and if you post well, you'll be promoted by a moderator to the mains.

    Good luck.
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