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  1. Premier League Gameweek 10

    Man I love Welbeck. What a guy
  2. Lord of the Rings

    Not sure I'd call myself a fan just yet, but they were very good and I'm thinking of reading the books in a few months, when the story isn't so fresh in my mind. Stamina shouldn't be an issue since I watched the 'normal' 3 over 5 sittings, so I'd just do the extended ones over 6 or 7 sittings I...
  3. Lord of the Rings

    Watched these films for pretty much the first time this week. I've seen them in parts over the years, and knew the story generally and the cool scenes, but there was a lot I didn't really know. Anyway, I watched the 3 of them over 5 sittings, and I was very impressed. I'm not sure what fans of...
  4. Gaming Football Manager 2021 (FM21)

    Feck sake, and here's me calling my assistant manager a dope for suggesting I substitute a player after I've already made 3 subs.
  5. Gaming Football Manager 2021 (FM21)

    Wait really?
  6. Gaming Football Manager 2021 (FM21)

    I'm with Sunderland too, just finished my second season, where I lost in the Championship playoff final. Not too bad that we lost though, as we probably weren't ready for the premiership. You can look forward to transfer embargos at the worst moments, only for the proposed takeover to fall...
  7. Music 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die

    :lol: at #326
  8. Gaming Football Manager 2021 (FM21)

    It's been quite a bit more buggy for me since the full game was released. We just qualified for the play-off finals, winning both legs easily, and the only options available to me in the team talk after the second leg are as if we lost; "not good enough", etc.
  9. Gaming Football Manager 2021 (FM21)

    Yeah they're quite funny with how ridiculous they are. Seems like for every topic, they make it so that both opinions are represented. No matter how stupid one of those opinions may be.
  10. Gaming Football Manager 2021 (FM21)

    The social media reactions part of this game is incredibly bad. I signed our best player after having him on loan, and one of the social media posts was along the lines of "he's not been THAT good". He's 19 and scored 20+ league goals for us.
  11. Official unofficial Republic Of Ireland thread

    He's 100% not going to do any of that. Except for the Principal Skinner thing.
  12. Official unofficial Republic Of Ireland thread

    How would you have experienced people changing their attitude towards you when they realise you're not English, when you are in fact English? Are you really gonna dismiss all the people in this thread sharing their experience as anti-English bias? That last line is hilarious though, well done.
  13. Official unofficial Republic Of Ireland thread

    Whenever I'm abroad, especially outside of Europe, people sometimes assume I'm American or European due to speaking native English. When I tell them I'm actually Irish, their attitude definitely changes. And often it's not as though before they treated me with disdain - it's just that they...
  14. The vaccines | now with added poll

    Considering it seems like this Oxford vaccine will be the most widely used one, how good is a 70% effectiveness in theory in vaccine development? Is it considered a bit 'meh', or is this actually also still a great result, slightly hampered by the 90-95% by the other two?
  15. Books The BOOK thread

    "Finished" Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance (didn't actually finish it, got over half way through but wasn't bothered with the rest). Found it pretty decent at the start but quickly settled into boringness. Oh well