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  1. Belgium - 2020 Euro thread

    Portugal it is then :drool:
  2. Belgium - 2020 Euro thread

    As it stands we're facing Hungary
  3. LGBT issues in Football

    Why is that such a problem? As someone who's not religious, "you live in sin" has no meaning to me. If they say: "you're disgusting and i don't want you in my store," that's a completely different story off course
  4. LGBT issues in Football

    It's complicated. I do think eating meat is dusgusting and profoundly immoral. But I think the same about racism, yet I still love my mom, who often makes casual racist remarks. And I don't think less of her because of it.
  5. LGBT issues in Football

    I onviously know what unconscious bias is, and I am a lifelong atheist. Don't know why you're dragging religion into it. I just don't agree withe the use of the word discrimination for a (private) thought/opinion. Discrimination entails the act of treating others differently.
  6. LGBT issues in Football

    This is simply not true. I think eating meat is sinful. Does that mean I discriminate against people who aren't vegan? Doesn't make any sense. As long as you treat others like you expect to be treated, you can believe whatever you like
  7. LGBT issues in Football

    I obviously support gay rights, but i also kind of understand uefa. What if Hungary, in response, displays a dubious bible verse on their stadium in the next game to "show their support for the traditional family"? Slippery slope. I would much rather see Uefa and Fifa grow a pair and make...
  8. England - Euro 2021 Discussion

    Ah, my bad, thought you played 3rd
  9. Goal(s) of the tournament

  10. England - Euro 2021 Discussion

    Wouldn't that mean you play portugal?
  11. England - Euro 2021 Discussion

    Your only hope of going far seems to be your solid defense. With Kane playing like a pensioner and a coach whose primary objective is not losing, I don't see where your goals are gonna come from... I mean, Lukaku has more goals than England
  12. Belgium - 2020 Euro thread

    Conclusion after the first three games: - We never got out of second gear, except in the second half vs Denmark - We still rely on flashes of individual brilliance way too much - There's always a sense I get that this team is nonchalantly confident of winning games. A bit like United, they...
  13. Day 11: North Macedonia vs Netherlands | Ukraine vs Austria | Russia vs Denmark | Finland vs Belgium

    Well, you can't exactly play street soccer in Siberia for most of the year :) If you just look at the success of European players of African descent in teams like France and Belgium, you can clearly see how much of a difference coaching and infrastructure makes.
  14. Lukaku: Aguero successor

    Two great finishes. Especially the one that was disallowed showed his improved composure.
  15. Day 11: North Macedonia vs Netherlands | Ukraine vs Austria | Russia vs Denmark | Finland vs Belgium

    Feckin hate VAR, ruins the game so often. Make a damn sub, martinez!