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  1. Samir Nasri retires from football

    Fat shaming doesn't help, but it's also often because people realise that they can't control their eating and feel ashamed about it.
  2. Samir Nasri retires from football

    Side note: why is getting fat always interpreted as "he's just enjoying life"? (If it's a man anyway) Most obese people I know are not exactly living life to the fullest and often struggle with self-image (and health)...
  3. Samir Nasri retires from football

    He was let go by Anderlecht almost two years ago and hasn't had a club since. He's clearly not been looking after himself while alledgedly looking for a new club though, jeez
  4. 'Uefa care about money not players' - Thibby Courtois

    All those dismissing him because he's rich: he plays in the least injury prone/physically demanding position, so it's not that he's whining about his workload or anything. Seems to me he's genuinely concerned about his colleagues.
  5. Internationals October (World Cup Qualifiers + Nations League Finals)

    The score flatters Italy, imo. Should have been a tie so far. We've hit the woodwork three times and gave away a soft penalty that was nearly saved.
  6. Internationals October (World Cup Qualifiers + Nations League Finals)

    Saelemakers hits the bar! Pretty even so far, not the most exciting game.
  7. Romelu Lukaku | Chelsea

    Scoring against minnows again
  8. Internationals October (World Cup Qualifiers + Nations League Finals)

    Clever finish. We look comfortably in control of this game
  9. Manchester United vs Villarreal

    It's very clear VR came here for a win. Where's the time teams dreaded coming to OT?
  10. Players who should've gone into management.

    As a very successful player, you basically have a higher chance of ruining your reputation than adding to it by becoming a manager. We currently have an out of his depth Kompany managing a very average Anderlecht side over here in Belgium, and it's a pretty sad sight. I felt the same about...
  11. Players apologising after games

    It's just standard PR practice. Your clients/fans are unhappy, so you let them know you are feeling their pain and aim to improve in the future. It would be 100X more interesting to hear their actual opinions, but on the other hand, this would lead to an avalanche of controversies with players...
  12. Last Man Standing 2021/22 | 551 competitors, down to 87. Entry closed.

    GW7: Chelsea GW8: Aston Villa
  13. 4 years without a trophy

    So he plays a B team in the League Cup to be ready for the league and then this happens...
  14. Players whose names are a lie

    Vincent Kompany - is a bit of a loner Kevin De Bruyne - is white Eden Hazard - he's a pretty safe dude