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  1. Unpopular opinion - Daniel James is not very good

    I don't think it's unpopular but he was not the correct purchase. He's a player that needs to be given years of time to develop not relied upon as an impact starter. In fact the best players at the club are none that were signed last summer which is concerning. Maguire is okay but not world...
  2. Ole Gunnar Solskjær | 2019/20 Discussion

    Pretty good article regarding Ole and need to not miss out on Poch. Fans aren’t being objective in regards to Ole. If he wasn’t a team legend I guarantee there would be unanimous support to replace him...
  3. Ole Gunnar Solskjær | 2019/20 Discussion

    I’m so confused how any objective person could think that Ole is a good manager. He’s so bad that the top clubs supporters hope he never leaves. The only reason he has any support is some hope of clinging to the past of his player accomplishments and a delusional thoughts he will have his SaF...
  4. Erling Haaland / signs for Dortmund

    If the rumors are true this is extremely poor on both Ole and Woodward. Should have been a slam dunk for Ole and the Glazers need to realize the jock strap sniffer is out of his element and we need a DoF.
  5. All ticket/travel information thread - 2019/20 edition - Touting will not be tolerated on the site

    Looking for 4 tickets to Wolverhampton away or Crystal Palace home.