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  • @nimic showed me what you've been saying behind my back. You're finished here. I've got a meeting with the boss in the morning so clear out your desk and feck the feck off out of here. Try RAWK.
    There, see, that's his way of saying sorry. It's a local thing really. Also he used to steal all the other kids milk during playtime at kindergarten.
    Mr Pigeon
    Go feck yourselves
    There's really no need to apologise to me but thanks. :)
    Literally spamming my notes with literal abuse cos he just can't stand it that I'm betterer than him at life.
    I see you left a comment on my profile. Thanks for that. I decided I wanted to get active again and finally become a full member.
    So I'm doing a few posts a day and enjoying it.
    I tend to post at odd times because I'm in New Zealand.
    Sorry I meant to put that in a mod section , you weren't meant to see it! Keep up the good posts though!
    They have a team of experts sitting watching this thread.

    I wonder what Mourinho eats for breakfast.

    noodles and singha bear, obviously :D
    Wow. Barney. I was hanging out at Muffled Funk's place, but nothing was going on. This place hasn't seen much action since January.
    I've moved onto to better things. Well things, maybe not better ones.
    Member 39557
    I feel ya.

    I may have accidently misread "report" as reply. oops.
    Yeah, nothing interesting has happened here since Muff realised he could dance.
    If you're going to sit here forever, at least boil the kettle.
    lot of activity and it wasn't because they were good threads, just because they were all different to what was there. We just need more threads really, more activity from anyone. That period resulted in a huge amount of general posts, and as a result a load of those posters made other threads and it was the busiest / most entertaining I'd seen the general in a long time.
    Basically try and replicate it again.
    I don't know why there are less threads these days up there, but that's what needs to happen. It's a gay example but I can't think of another one - that period at the start of the year I think where I made 4-5 threads in the general (demote 3 posters, best friend is kim-jon un, jake replacing jake, bring back a banned poster etc) spurned a
    I don't think you can remove the popular threads that are always bumped like the ones mentioned below, so really the only option is to try and get enough activity in that forum so that half the front-page threads aren't the same ones we see every single day. In the newbies the amount of threads being created at good times was amazing.
    had to split up the post like some kind of retard to make it fit the available characters.
    The newbie general was brilliant for a few years because there were so PHEW of these threads, the newbie general front page would be constantly changing, allowing for much more different discussion and a range of different posters. It has to be moving. The mains general hasn't been moving for a long time now.
    As a result, a good few have left. Some mod needs to take control of "the flow" and move along threads which become boring.
    Half the forum is just the same threads you see every single day, populated by mostly the same people....there is so little going on in there because of this.
    I don't know what that means. I begged and begged you to play red alert with us.

    My calls were never answered. I felt like a coyote howling at the sun, as they often do.

    The sun never responded, because the sun doesn't have a mouth. Stupid coyote.
    I sent you a pm asking how to play because I wanted to but didn't know how!
    No you didn't you retard you must have sent it to Silent Running, my alter ego, how many pms have you sent to him?

    Also the instructions were pretty clear, even twigg managed it to work it out (occasionally)

    Just so you know, he doesn't reply to my pms either.
    The general was at it's best when you could go to that forum and pick out any thread from the first page and it would be interesting/entertaining/original. Now you go to the General and the most popular threads are the same ones (50k, pics, random chat, little things that annoy you, protein powders, weightloss diet thread, snatch chat)...
    You don't like snatch?
    Have you been stalking my profile all day?
    Agreed, 50k is definitely the only decent one and that's mostly because it has a very clear purpose to it that isn't ruined or lost after a 1000, 5000 or 50,000 posts.
    Posters like GeniusMe, Aldo, Eboue and SteveJ don't post as much in teh spastic thread now, which basically proves my point. Kill it and don't ever bring it back.
    Then it's a good thing. I can't remember the last time I opened that thread and read decent/funny posts. We need more threads anyway, less giant threads with no real discussion or point to it. I found so many posts in there are just ignored or really have no purpose to it, or as you say, just a rehash of the same stuff by the same people.
    Exactly. I was partly to blame, but as a whole those mega threads(especially in the gen are stupid). The only exception is the 50k, which I just want to actually reach 50k. Then retire it.
    How come?
    Started to hate it. I used it as an excuse for gimpery,and my posts had turned to utter crap. And I hated how cliquey it got.
    I'll come back for 2-3 years until someone better suited can take over. Cina will never moderate a top forum again, or probably any forum again. I heard he gets to keep 1/3 of his posts as severance pay though so it's not all bad.
    Are you ready for another bumpy ride?
    But of course! I've got my muppet powers at the ready!
    Genius Me!
    Glad to see you back on the wagon.
    Falling off it permanently was never an option. Once a muppet, always a muppet.
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