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  1. We don't know how to sell players

    Could it also be that at least some of these players being on we assume very good contracts do not want to leave. If they wish to stay and see out their contracts then the club is in a very difficult position.
  2. George Best At His Brilliant Best

    Saw his first team debut, so have so many memories of a great great player, his balance was outstanding. A couple of moments, firstly a comment by Harry Gregg, who faced George when he was 15/16 years old in a practice match. This young skinny player came at Harry in a one to one, Harry...
  3. Paul Pogba | Ornstein: Pogba leaning towards signing new contract

    Being reported in the media that Pogba has rejected a new contract offer.
  4. Who should replace Ed Woodward as Executive Vice Chairman?

    Will Clarify Richard Arnold, present Group Managing Director and Director. He already oversees all commercial and operational aspects of the company. He is also Chairman of Manchester United Foundation. The management of the company, is two tiered : Management and then a Board of...
  5. Carrick/McKenna upgrade?

    Throughout the last season we have continually conceded goals from set pieces or balls to the far post. Now our coaching staff may be highly rated from within and survived managers However, are problems with regard to set pieces and balls into the far post have not been resolved by Ole our the...
  6. Decision to not bring in Dean Henderson

    Just a question to Ole : You bring on outfield players who you consider can perform at taking penalties, so why do you not replace a keeper whose stats show conclusively that he has a poor record at saving penalties. Just asking for a friend
  7. Do we extend Ole's contract?

    Perhaps a rolling 1 year contract based on clear results, team performance
  8. Do we extend Ole's contract?

    If Ole is given a new contract then a clause must be he recruits a proven coaching staff at European level. He has stated that he does not take the coaching sessions but leaves it to his coaching team. Which is ok but it would appear from certain results and the continuing team's ability to...
  9. Post match vs Villareal

    Knew the game had gone when the camera panned across to Ole and coaching staff at different times later in the game. They all had that blank look, that the game was passing them by and they had no idea how to change things. Not only do we need a influx of talent in playing staff but also the...
  10. Old Trafford Revamp

    Building over the track has been talked about for around 30 years, .I thought they had purchesed the houses on the other side of the track before the prersent owners took over the club.
  11. Our Progress

    For me we have made progress, however, will that progress continue I an unsure as I feel that our present coaching staff have very limited experiance to coach the team to the next level required to win the Champions League. I am sure that we will strengthen our first team squad, but I do think...
  12. We are an awfully coached team

    I really do think we need to improve our coaching staff with a coach(s) who have experience in the present European coaching systems. Recruiting top players with " we have a team of world class coaches", is not one of our best selling points as I am sure that outside our training ground our...
  13. Post match vs Fulham

    Classic ball to our back post and it is a goal.
  14. McFred is the worst midfield 2 of the PL’s top 10 teams

    Perhaps I have been spoilt in my expectations of a mid field pair from former Utd teams. Could we go back to Pat Crerand and Nobert Stiles, Pat's positioning and passing ability were out of this world, but he lacked recover pace in the tackle, this was made up for by Nobert a perfect...