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  1. Television Lord of the Rings - Amazon TV Show

    Why does this thread read like the Match Day thread most of the time?
  2. Thomas Tuchel | Gone

    It's a non-Chelsea football fans' dream!
  3. Shamima Begum, IS teen wants to come back to the UK

    Thanks. I will be going through it.
  4. Shamima Begum, IS teen wants to come back to the UK

    Fair trial is not possible in Syria is the kind of presumption that makes American intervention in Iraq or Afghanistan possible. Civilised societal behaviour in that kind of presumptive mindset becomes the sole domain of western nations.If a crime has ocurred in Kurdish lands/Syria, how is a...
  5. Shamima Begum, IS teen wants to come back to the UK

    I get that Shamima's British citizenship should not have been revoked. What I don't understand is why can't she get a fair trial in Syria? After all, all her acts of commission was performed in Syria.
  6. Replacing de gea should be the priority

    De Gea needs replacing, and NOW!
  7. Time to abandon "progressive" football...until we fix the foundations

    Let's not forsake long term objective for short term gains.
  8. David De Gea | 2022/23 Performances

    He is brilliant with top corner saves on the reflex. These hollywood saves are noticed and has made people forget the other deficiencies. He has always been extremely vulnerable to shots rolled around the grass. Yesterday's first goal was just the latest instance in scores of such bloopers over...
  9. Erik ten Hag - Manchester United manager

    I sometimes wonder why those disgruntled fans remain disgruntled for ever? Why do they not get fed up and switch their allegiance to another club, like Pool or City for instance. I now know their situation is similar to our so called deadwood players - Other clubs won't accept such moronic fans!
  10. Frenkie de Jong | The last muppeting lap

    It's not your own money, I get it, but still!
  11. Erik Ten Hag Press Conference (v Brighton) | 13:30 BST

    I wonder what Rangnick's response would have been to Ronaldo related questions!
  12. Anyone else buzzing for the start of the season?

    I am excited for the new season to begin. I believe ten Hag's United will surprise many a naysayers. Players to dazzle: Martial, Rashford, Sancho, Ericsen, FDJ.
  13. Erik ten Hag - Manchester United manager

    It is so depressing visiting this and other threads these days. So much negativity even before ten Hag has managed even a single league match.
  14. Anthony Martial | 2022/23 Performances

    Rashford will play in Martial's place, it is obvious from the pre-season.