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  1. Transfer Tweets - 2019/20 | Check the OP for blacklisted sources before posting

    One can hope even though the source is not the most trustworthy
  2. What can we expect this year? (Your expectations for 2016/2017)

    More goals from defenders More red cards More goals Less injuries January signings (2) Rooney dropped regularly Pogba to be good but not great Zlatan to start well then fade Rashford to be our top goal scorer
  3. All ticket/travel information thread - 2016/17 -Touting will not be tolerated on the site

    Not sure if this is the right place as it is the United section of the forum but if anyone has 2 spares for Iceland v France please let me know
  4. Is there room for RvP and Rooney in the same starting 11?

    Does Rooney function with anyone in a two striker formation? He's such a good football player that every now and then he will pick a beautiful pass or make the right run. Overall though he has never really formed a good partnership with anyone be it with us or with England. Maybe I'm spoiled...
  5. Twitter Discussion

    It's a reply in relation to Cavani tweet, not the Fabregas one
  6. Site changes coming this Summer

    Isn't that copyrighted? I kid you not I think I read that somewhere
  7. Defensive diving

    There's no point naming names, they all do it
  8. Michael Johnson

    Makes this comparison even more apt. I hope manages to find the right path again.
  9. David de Gea | 2011-14 Performances

    The thing is a team can carry, to a certain extent, outfield players that make mistakes or simply aren't good enough. Goalkeepers cannot be carried in the same way.I am absolutely for developing outfield players but when it comes to goalkeepers it is a different situation. We should buy ready...
  10. Slagging Giggs and Scholes off...

    Well the text you quoted only suggested he could have done better with the marking I'll illustrate that here (sorry about the quality) Here Cole has just received the ball. Scholes is by far the closest available player to mark Collins Cole has turned and is now facing the goal. Again...
  11. Slagging Giggs and Scholes off...

    How the hell do you read that from the part you quoted (and highlighted)?
  12. Tom Cleverley | 2012-14 Performances

    He was never going to start agaist City anyway
  13. Michael McIntyre Tour 2012

    Went to O2 in Dublin and have to say it was really good. Far better than I anticipated
  14. Tweets Only 2010/14 Archive

    But it's not a tweet! What to believe?
  15. Sir Alex statue to be unveiled on November 24th - Ruud to attend

    David May confirmed* *Unconfirmed but must be true