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  1. Aston Villa vs Manchester United

    We were poor until the penalty, which was soft. Goodish thereafter and Mason is unplayable atm.
  2. Aston Villa vs Manchester United

    Not a pen for me either I think
  3. Marcus Rashford | 2019/20 Performances

    Not worried about him at all. It's a good thing though that we are cruising at the moment. Gives him time to find his boots without too much pressure. Can't wait to see him on song together with an in form Pogba, Bruno etc.
  4. Manchester United vs Sheffield United

    Rashford will be fine. We look fantastic.
  5. Manchester United vs Sheffield United

    I have a sneaky feeling that Mata might start this on the right.
  6. Rashford | takes on the government over free meals for kids - and wins

    Great stuff from Marcus. Truly remarkable how he has grown into such a leader and role model.
  7. Players PL Stats | James most fouled, Pogba tops Through balls..?

    As much as I tend to be annoyed by Pogba, I can't wait to see what our team is capable of with him back in, together with Bruno, McTominay and Fred getting better and better, and with Rashford, Martial, Greenwood, Ighalo and James in front. It might be that the absence of football has got me...
  8. What do we still need? Aka The never ending story

    Keep what we have (Ighalo included) and get a top class right winger and center back (to take Lindelofs place). I honestly think we would be in good shape then. With Fred's development in midfield, Bruno, McTom, Pogba and Matic playing from time to time I feel our midfield is pretty decent.
  9. Harry Maguire | 2019/20 Performances

    He was stretching and looking after his leg(s?) almost throughout the entire second half so it was obvious he was carrying something.
  10. Derby County vs Manchester United

    Young looks so much like Marlo its creepy.
  11. Derby County vs Manchester United

    Ighalo looks like Avon Barksdale.
  12. Manchester United - youth development

    Probably the best bunch since the Nevilles, Scholes etc broke through.
  13. Post match vs Club Brugge

    Brilliant game. James and Bruno got some rest. McTom back which will help us a lot. Can’t help but think how good we would be with Rashford in the team now that Bruno is there.
  14. Manchester United vs Club Brugge

    Most entertaining half we’ve played in ages. No slight on Martial but it makes such a difference playing with a striker who repeatedly takes up the correct spaces. Makes those runs around him so much more intuitive and effctive.
  15. Manchester United vs Club Brugge

    I saw that there was some discussion on parking and tips for where to park in the sticky ticket thread in the United forum. As I can't answer your question I'll point you in that direction.