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  1. Westminster Politics

    He's just using the assumption every MP on the payroll has voted in favour of Boris which is disingenuous really.
  2. Music Kendrick Lamar | New album 13th May 2022

    Listened to the album a few times now and to be honest I think it's his worst work yet. Some of the lyrics are just clunky and out of place for example on Father time where he raps about his 'Daddy issues' which sampha is fantastic in, the line 'When kanye got back with Drake I was slightly...
  3. Fantasy Premier League 21/22

    No James in the Chelsea squad?
  4. Russian invasion of Ukraine

    Most probably the biggest single loss of casualties in the war so far, and Russian flagship warship in the Black Sea. In terms of Russian dominance. The majority of Russian generals have now been killed and the Russian advance has been pushed back to the Donbas region, where they are making...
  5. Russian invasion of Ukraine

    How many drinks have you had tonight?
  6. Russian invasion of Ukraine

    Moskva says hello
  7. The RedCafe Boxing Thread

  8. Fantasy Premier League 21/22

    KDB holding ice to his ankle
  9. The little strange things about having a winter world cup

    :lol: Maybe if it didn't take a World Cup for "us" to learn about other parts of the world you'd know why Qatar is completely unsuitable to host. That's before even considering how they won their bid.
  10. Premier League Gameweek 28-30

    That'll be a red
  11. Russian invasion of Ukraine

    Is anyone else really worried about this? Finding myself looking at the situation and genuinely worrying.
  12. Gaming Football Manager 2022

    Yeah I think it would get more traction, I think 6-8 would be a good number.
  13. Gaming Football Manager 2022

    Yeah definitely. Maybe just try a quick league everyone plays each other twice? Followed by a cup. Not much experience with playing the fantasy draft so I'm up for suggestions.
  14. Manchester United vs Middlesbrough

    Glazers out!