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  1. Grealish To City?

    Grealish would become a megastar at United ala Beckham and Ronaldo. City no matter how much money they have cannot give him the same world wide status because they have no prestige. Would be such a shame if he went to the plastics. Their legend just left for Barcelona and claimed it's a "step...
  2. Jordan Henderson: overrated/underrated?

    Thought this guy was supposed to be the embodiment of leadership on and off the pitch. Great leadership taking that penalty with a history of being poor at them, should have allowed DCL to take it being back up striker and all. As stated above, selfish cheerleader.
  3. Grealish To City?

    We must sign Grealish, even if we get Sancho. Offer Villa Dan James and Jesse Messi +£55/60m. Grealish, Bruno and Sancho supporting Cavani backed up by Rashford, Martial, Greenwood and Amad. Now that would be exciting.
  4. Grealish To City?

    Certainly looks that way when he plays in the U23's, he carries the ball and wins fouls in a very similar manner. Hopefully he can step up and make it, we should still sign Grealish regardless.
  5. Has the cult of Rashford become more important than the player?

    Admittedly it's been a while. He had a good first half of the season if I remember rightly and has been putting in 4's and 5's since. I wonder if splitting up with his partner, who he's been with for years is the real reason he's fell off a cliff.
  6. Has the cult of Rashford become more important than the player?

    He's an explosive player. You either get 9 or 10 from him each week or 4 or 5, there's no in-between.
  7. Grealish To City?

    Grealish would take us up another level like Bruno did, he's consistently brilliant. I think he's England's best player and certainly one of the best in the league with KDB and Fernandes. Rashford can cover Grealish on the left and Grealish can cover Bruno when needed in the middle.
  8. When City win the Champions League how will it feel?

    They might as well hand over a plastic trophy to them.
  9. Stuff in football that really annoys you?

    Players chewing gum
  10. Ole Gunnar Solskjær | 2020/21 Discussion

    He made two wrong decisions and he made them on sentiment. De Gea and Rashford should have been on the bench. I expect him to learn and become more ruthless in future.
  11. Sorry, but why is Rashford rated here?

    Greenwood was far better although not spectacular. Should have been Rashford hooked not Greenwood.
  12. No.1 for next season - De Gea or Henderson?

    For a top keeper he seems to have zero spring in his dives. He's good at saving shots straight at him and thats about it. Commands nothing.
  13. Rashford's post-match Interview

    Team was changed from Pogba on the left to accommodate Rashford last night and we ended up carrying him, he was so poor. He didn't earn his way in because he's been poor for months, If he's injured then he shouldn't be playing, it hurts the team. Wether he insists to play or Ole does I don't...
  14. Stuff in football that really annoys you?

    Not wearing home kit away when there is no colour clash. It is done purely to promote the other kits to their 'customers'
  15. Would you sign Harry Kane if it meant we didn't sign anyone else?

    No. Sancho, CB and Grealish please. 1 or 2 more maybe, depending who leaves.