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  1. Day 2: Spain vs. Netherlands

    ROBBEN!! If that had gone in...
  2. Day 2: Spain vs. Netherlands

    I am weeping like a baby right now.
  3. Day 2: Spain vs. Netherlands

    Aside from that dive for the penalty, this referee is ridiculous. Dive. Dive. Dive.
  4. World Cup 2014 Tickets

    I've got two tickets for Category 1 Round of 16 - Match 52 in Recife. If anyone wants these I can give them to you at cost price $220 US each. Let me know soon!
  5. That Torres Miss

    Updated the link, this one loads a lot faster.
  6. That Torres Miss

  7. Barcelona vs. Manchester United

    parks a fecking monster
  8. Barcelona vs. Manchester United

    fecking yesessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
  9. Barcelona vs. Manchester United

    how was that a corner?
  10. Everton vs. Manchester United

    anyone have any streams to spare? Mine just died
  11. Everton vs. Manchester United

    Anyone PM me a good stream? Mine is absolute shiite
  12. De Jong