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  1. WWC19 | Final: USA v Netherlands

    Pretty good match this far. The US has been the better side as expected but certainly not overwhelmingly so. I suspect they will win if nothing changes but would not be shocked if Holland score one on the counter. Dahlkemper is already on a yellow and there have been several dangerous balls...
  2. WWC19 | Final: USA v Netherlands

    I don't think this will necessarily be an easy game for the US. Netherlands are not European champions and in the WC final within 2 years for no reason, they have a very talented team. I don't think they have shown their best side all tournament long though, and I suppose that too is a testament...
  3. What is the absolute minimum that United should achieve next season?

    Maybe we shouldn’t put such concrete minimum expectations like champions league qualification, winning the league, winning a cup... Obviously for a club like United winning all these competitions is the goal every year, but we must accept that we are in a rebuild and that certain results can...
  4. WWC19 | Final: USA v Netherlands

    Tough call to make. It was soft but she definitely made contact.
  5. WWC19 | Final: USA v Netherlands

    These are not really fouls in my opinion. Should just let play go on and they will stop rolling about.
  6. WWC19 | Final: USA v Netherlands

    The Spanish right back has been getting the better of Rapinoe this match
  7. WWC19 | Final: USA v Netherlands

    Looked like an accidental little slap to the face. She made a real meal of it.
  8. WWC19 | Final: USA v Netherlands

    They do seem very unsure when put under pressure.
  9. WWC19 | Final: USA v Netherlands

    That was a glorious pass but a very sad shot.
  10. NBA 2018-2019

    It’s not the system as some kind of magic sauce to improve players that a lot of people seem to think. When a lot of those players leave like Leonard, George Hill, Turkoglu, to name just a few, they remain good players. Sometimes they are not put in the best positions to succeed, but their...
  11. Rio Olympics 2016

    Apparently she has 3 fractured vertebrae and a severe concussion as you said. Dutch newspaper indicated she would remain in intensive care for at least another 24 hours but that she has full functionality of her body. Seems to lean toward her being in good shape comparatively to what was...
  12. Giro d'Italia 2016

    Not really superman. He rode well the last two days but if Kruijswijk hadn't crashed I don't think he would have even troubled him. It's unfortunate for Kruijswijk to not get even a stage win or a podium after what was a truly dominant performance for him this Giro. He was far and away the...
  13. Giro d'Italia 2016

    I think he is mentally broken but who knows, maybe he can recover before tomorrow if he isn't physically injured.
  14. Giro d'Italia 2016

    Horrific for Kruijswijk. The only thing that could have kept him from the Giro was a bad crash and that's precisely what happened. It's a shame for him but it was a bad error. Descending is a skill as well.
  15. Giro d'Italia 2016

    Kruijswijk just swatted attacks aside with such ease today. Maybe it's just his riding style but he wasn't even breathing hard, it looked absurd. Super impressive from him this far and I really hope he makes it. He's pretty much completely solo too. His entire team was dropped nearly right off...