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  1. WSL 20/21 | Chelsea v United - 14:30 Sun 17 Jan

    Ffs. Don't let the ficking ball bounce. Millie Turner!
  2. WSL 20/21 | Chelsea v United - 14:30 Sun 17 Jan

    I'd hook Galton for Heath at half time. United need to move the ball quicker and get their heads up in the counter. They're on their way in to a serious bollocking I think.
  3. WSL 20/21 | Chelsea v United - 14:30 Sun 17 Jan

    Stoney looks furious and rightfully so. United have been shocking up to this point.
  4. United Hour - Semi Blues Deja Vu

    Haha, no worries mate, the offers there if you ever need it.
  5. United Hour - Semi Blues Deja Vu

    If you're ever stuck for a guest, I'm always open to gaining more exposure and have gained a fair bit of podcasting experience. I have a 3 hour interview with a director of football going out tonight.
  6. Television Stephen King's The Stand

    What else was he supposed to do? He can't re-write actual history. The whole book was tremendous. Under the dome on the other hand was a fantastic book complete destroyed by a truly terrible ending.
  7. Television Stephen King's The Stand

    I'm waiting for all episodes to be out and then I'll report one of the torrents I find. I know that King has written a new ending for the series which is changed from the book, so that intrigues me. Although I personally recognise King as the master of the anti climax, he got the ending pretty...
  8. Transfer Tweets - 2020/21 | Check the OP for blacklisted sources before posting

    I'm friends with Southends manager, hope this lad does well there.
  9. Television The Pro Graps Thread

    Enjoyed the show last night and love how the AEW/Impact thing is panning out.
  10. When will we be back to normal? - place your bets

    You've always been a glass half full type fella GB.
  11. NFL 2020

    Wtf :lol: