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  1. Top of the League!

    Only 34 wins to go
  2. With Ronaldo, how do we line up?

    Ole is to safe to play with one Dm it's going to be two of Fred Mctominay Matic VDB
  3. With Ronaldo, how do we line up?

    De Gea AWB Varane Harry Shaw Donny Matic Mason Bruno Pogba CR7 Do it Ole!
  4. Erm.. The Number 7 shirt..

    Ronaldo has to get the number 7. Him having any other number would be like Mona Lisa having eyebrows.
  5. Will Maguire score this season from a corner?

    I think he will score 5 or 6 goals this season. He will play between 50-60 games this year so 1 in 10 sounds about right.
  6. Predict the top 6 in order. 2021/22.

    1. Manchester United 2. Chelsea 3. Manchester City 4. Leicester 5. Liverpool 6. Westham
  7. American reds - a little advice?

    Yup here in San Diego there are a few bars that will open at 5am but it's usually for big games not Newcastle vs City. The breakfast is usually pretty good to. No beer until 6am to.
  8. Guess the line up opening day...

    De Gea ABW-----Varane-----Maguire-----Williams Fred Bruno------Pogba Greenwood-------------------Sancho Cavani I think Shaw is injured, but if he isn't then Shaw for Williams.
  9. Minimum Bar for Continuity in Ole's Third Full Season

    I would want to win any trophy and a top 3 finish. I would also like to see us score more in the first half. Not wait until minute 85 to score and win 2-1.
  10. Formation change next season (4-3-3)

    Ok, no Varane then I'll let Jones get a run out for a laugh.
  11. Formation change next season (4-3-3)

    The humor is lost on me but there you go. Henderson AWB Varane Maguire Shaw Lindelof Van de Beek Bruno Sancho ............................Greenwood Martial I'd have Shaw pushing way up to.
  12. Formation change next season (4-3-3)

    I would try this out in preseason. Lindelof Van de Beek Bruno
  13. Paul Pogba | "Likes Torino"

    Sell Pogba and buy a cdm. The balance of the team can lead to better result then hoping Pogba turns up. He is world class but no point in trying to keep him if he wants out. Instead use this as opportunity to address the balance of the team.
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  15. Which current United player could beat the rest of the team in a fight?

    I would put my money on Harry or McTominay.