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  1. Last Man Standing 3 2019/20 | 312 competitors, down to 41. Entry closed.

    Manchester City, Week 24 Liverpool, Week 25 Manchester United, Week 26 Wolves, Week 27 Chelsea, Week 28 Leicester, Week 29 Arsenal, Week 30 Everton, Week 31 Norwich, Week 32
  2. Would you sack or keep Ole? (Poll reopened)

    Am Ole in this season, on the soul reason that am not bored when I watch us play, because that’s why I watch football.
  3. Post match vs Chelsea

    I got the guessed the score right!
  4. Predict our final position - 19/20 season (Poll added)

    He scored 12 league goals last campaign that can easily be out done by those 3, and they will contribute a lot more going forward since they fit the system better.
  5. Predict our final position - 19/20 season (Poll added)

    The CL is 50% luck, we beat PSG last year to. But there league form has been getting worse because they been going further in cups without improving there squad. Point am trying to make is they don’t have the squad to compete, there XI is great but that’s it.
  6. Predict our final position - 19/20 season (Poll added)

    We finish ahead of them 2/5 in the last five years, and Spur peaked in 2016-17 if there new signings don’t kick off I see them turning into Arsenal 2.0
  7. Predict our final position - 19/20 season (Poll added)

    Lukaku only scored like 15 goals last season between James Greenwood and Chong we can easily do that.
  8. Predict our final position - 19/20 season (Poll added)

    I see us coming third, we have improved massively in our weakest area. Midfield is worse and our attack is about the same. I’d say 2 steps forward 1 step back. City and Liverpool don’t need an explanation. Chelsea will call this year a write off, Arsenal and Spurs will have their highs and lows...
  9. Champions League QF: Manchester United v Barcelona - Build Up Thread

    Just bet my cousin $100 united win so I feel pretty confident. She was nice enough to give me 2/1 odds.
  10. Champions League Round of 16 (12th Feb - 13th Mar)

    City vs Juve Tottenham vs Liverpool Barcelona vs Porto Manchester United vs Ajax
  11. Maurizio Sarri - Chelsea coach

    Are talking about Pochettino
  12. Your starting XI between now and the end of the season

    DDG Dalot Bailly Lindelöf Shaw Herrera Fred/Pereira Pogba Mata/Lingard Martial Rashford/Sanchez Hope this is right.
  13. How will we play?

    DDG Dalot Smalling Lindelöf Shaw Herrera Fred Pogba Mata Martial Rashford
  14. When will Mourinho be sacked? The Predictions Thread.

    January 29 after we draw against Burnley. The board/Woodword won’t back Jose in the window and the new manager will have to make due with this squad until the end of the season.
  15. Your expectations of this season?

    • 66 points (14-15) 69 points (15-16) 81 points (17-18) this season 86 points. • GF 49 (14-15) GF 54 (15-16) GF 68 (16-17) GF 74 this season • style of play 14/15 season boring style of play 15/16 season slow style of play 16/17 season frustrating style of play this year resilient