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  • How do you think an Apple acquisition of Manchester United would look like?
    Doctor Thrax
    Apple has absolutely no experience with leading a professional football or any sport club. Beyond that the money that they would have to spend for the acquisition is granted by the shareholders who invested in a globally leading tech / software company. If you were Apple CEO how would you explain the purchase of Manchester United for - lets say - 6 billion USD to your shareholders?
    Investors don't need to have an experience in running something to invest. What they do is find someone who knows the business. As for explaining this to the shareholders, Apple has a lot of cash it's almost creating a problem, United is a good long term investment.
    Doctor Thrax
    1st: Apple is not an investment firm.
    2nd: If you tell your shareholders that you bought Manchester United for billions of USD just because you consider the cash as a problem, your shareholders would probably not be too happy as you could have get rid of your excess cash by just paying it to them as dividends.

    Seriously, i can see no possible way how to explain such a huge and risky investment to the shareholders.
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