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  1. Post match vs Derby County

    Can we swap Lingard for Wayne? In a heartbeat
  2. Ole Gunnar Solskjær | 2019/20 Discussion

    I am all in for Ole, just dont like the defensive subs when we have a one goal lead. We need to keep playing football in stead of retreading to our own box..absolutly hate that. I think we could've decided the last two games way earlier than the final whistle if we just keep doing what we do...
  3. The search for an attacking midfielder!

    If you're looking for that player it has to be Ziyech. So incredibly creative he would inmediatly improve our frontline..however I dont know if he even wants to come here. He would thrive at city butt we play a different brand of footie. Also love to see Donny vd Beek here who can run perfectly...
  4. Post match vs Tottenham Hotspur

    Did not like the defensive subs, they started to improve rapidly. Other than that,Well done Ole,Well done OldTrafford and well done Manchester United. Well chuffed with this one
  5. Post match vs Sheffield United

    A schoolboard example for young coaches how a cowardly aproach to a game could and indeed should cost you a game and your job.
  6. Ole Gunnar Solskjær | 2019/20 Discussion

    What a coward, tearing them a new one with 4 defenders and then deciding to go back to 5 defenders ..absolutly impossible to understand..Poch is available and an attacking coach. Just hire him because OGS doesnt have what it takes
  7. Post match vs Huddersfield Town

    Sell them all and sell ‘em cheap because that’s the only we could ever sell them. How is it possible that arguably the biggest club in the world has these players? Its almost impressive
  8. We should have hired Klopp

    Ooh come on, the guy was here 7 months.. no one has that much power.
  9. Summer 2019 right winger

    Get Ziyech, can also play as a nmbr 10...wouldnt cost us 50 million neither
  10. Midfield Next Season

    Van de Beek, Milinkovic-savic, maybe even Rakitic if he wants to leave barcelona. Rabiot is also available and a good option. Ziyech as a number 10 or on the rw position. Hope we dont go for Rice, but for a player who can actually play football in the sense of setting up attacks etc..
  11. It's not the manager, it's the players

    And the next transfer window we will probably replace pogba,sanchez,fred martial with other great players and let them try to play good attacking football with jones, smalling,young,lingard etc...op is wright, replace the players who are here the longest and change the future in stead of trying...
  12. Ajax - Golden Generation

    To think that we let Blind go and stuck with Jones and Smalling is a disgrace.
  13. Solskjaer target 5 signings; 6 players could leave [BBC, Telegraph, Guardian]

    When does this iritating thing called football finally end and we can start our transfer window ?!
  14. Ole Gunnar Solskjær | 2019/20 Discussion

    No mather how much i dislike my next statement it has to be said. The problem he and probably all managers have here is that they have to use Brittish players. It is not a fact but I do think this is an issue at the club. SAF had Brits but he had Brits because they were good, now we have Brits...
  15. Dutch FA’s decision to excuse Ajax from league game last weekend...

    You know what a disgrace is? That real madrid got outclassed by a bunch of youngsters from ajax despite them having a budget 100 times bigger than ajax. That ramos thought they would win it in madrid after being 2nd best in amsterdam. On: They did it because the Dutch are fighting Austria for...