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  1. Kai Havertz

    I couldn't agree more. I dont see as much vision or precision in his passing as Ozil has but I see all the movement of Muller but with better technique. Maybe its because things have got a bit heated in here youre going over the top or maybe you're just ignorant of Chelsea's performances...
  2. Kai Havertz

    So much reliance on the media. Theres no way reports on what positions a player will take can be taken at face value. Its clear Chelsea gave up on Sancho when they bought Ziyech. This is most likely because sancho will go for over €100m euros. I've even seen reports today that dortmund...
  3. Mason Mount

    Mount will be fighting with Kovacic as the left cm in a 3. We've already had a run of games where we play with 2 8's. Typically Kovacic was dropped and we play Barkley Kante Mount. We've even started Barkley Gilmour Mount against Liverpool in the Cup and Everton at home the next game. Played...
  4. Premier League Gameweek 35-37 + FA Cup semis

    Manchester United were lucky to finish with 11 men on the pitch. The snide fouls were quite a sight to see. Didn't deserve to lose 3-1 though
  5. Kai Havertz

    I swear hes going to have to delete that either way. Even if hes coming to chelsea I cant see it going down well with his agent.
  6. Timo Werner to Chelsea

    Little quibble about words here, but if chelsea and Manchester United are clearly above the other top 4 contenders, are we really contenders? Or clear favourites
  7. Top 3 greatest team performances in a UCL final ever in my opinion!

    I remember the Inter Milan final vs Bayern being very comfortable for Inter. They were so solid defensively you that's probably the only final I can think of since the Juventus - milan 0-0 that I was sure would not score. I think that Bayern team had robben and ribery too. Didn't have a sniff.
  8. Top 3 greatest team performances in a UCL final ever in my opinion!

    I remember watching that 2011 final in a pub with a load of United fans. Never felt in doubt as to the result. It was unsettling how good Barca were
  9. Manchester City banned from CL for 2 seasons and fined 30 million euros | CAS - Ban lifted, fined 10 million

    Chelsea and Liverpool may struggle less. Chelsea have the Hazard and Morata money as well as the few more they sold. The group of 5 or so young players added to the squad have brought the total wage down (Luiz, Hazard, Morata leaving helped. I'm pretty sure Liverpool will be awarded the...
  10. Could they void the PL due to the Coronavirus? | No | Resuming June 17th

    If just one country awards the current first placed team on their top division champions that will be all the PL needs (if it's looking for precedent) to award liverpool the title. They are so far ahead of everyone they're probably the only club on the continent who is the easiest to award the...
  11. Could they void the PL due to the Coronavirus? | No | Resuming June 17th

    Should probably wait to see what's happening with Holland and Belgium and how much fuss is kicked up. It's all well and good UEFA applying pressure from their end but theres financial pressure from elsewhere urging the season to be completed.
  12. Best Two-Footed Players Ever

    I remember Jimmy floyd H having a sweet left foot next to that powerful right. Arshavin was another one.
  13. How good was Claude Makelele ?

    Speaking of kante vs makelele I wonder who is the best at tackling. More so under Conte and Sarri, kante was phenomenal at winning the ball. Players running towards him, chasing from the side, chasing from behind. Kante would win balls that were difficult to win consistently. I was a young...
  14. Could they void the PL due to the Coronavirus? | No | Resuming June 17th

    There so much money involved, and so theres so much incentive to finish the season, that we wont know if the season is void until end of May earliest I reckon. The premier league will hold out hope they can complete the season when the euros would have been. Give teams 2 weeks of and then...
  15. Could they void the PL due to the Coronavirus? | No | Resuming June 17th

    Just look around this forum. Most people can see how harsh it is on liverpool. It has been the most one sided league in a very long time. And it's not just liverpool being crowned champions. It's when you take the issue of premier league winners with champions league contestants and relegation...