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  1. Some of the posters are a disgrace.

    The expression itself is mockery but the sentiment was very real.
  2. Some of the posters are a disgrace.

    I've been following for years and it has always been the same. Sack Fergie sell Giggs was a thing here two decades ago.
  3. Anthony Martial | 2020/21 Performances

    That's a skill, not a weakness. In the areas he is receiving the ball in he is usually outnumbered and tightly marked.
  4. Diversity of Burnley's squad

    Fair point. This is not about affirmative action. If blacks are not great at swimming or do not excel at tennis, no one would demand that you pick an Olympics team full of black swimmers or tennis players. The point is that the statistics show a trend (that black players are dominant in...
  5. Diversity of Burnley's squad

    First of all, lots of people talk about the lack of Asian players at clubs and the reasons are obvious. Not many Asian kids coming through the ranks. Black kids do play football and for some reason do excel at it. This has led to a statistical overrepresentation across the league. The point is...
  6. Diversity of Burnley's squad

    I take it that your initial point was that the coach shouldn't have to go out and buy a black player just to prove he isn't racist. I totally agree with that but this isn't an affirmative action situation. Black players are already excelling at this sport and in every position, and are widely...
  7. Diversity of Burnley's squad

    I have conceded that my argument on the women's team is wrong. My only enduring question to you is why does a club with Burnely's stature have no black players in its first team despite BAME players (predominantly black) being 33% of all professional footballers? They can't afford the chips...
  8. Diversity of Burnley's squad

    As for the population stat I admit I was off on that because I thought you were talking about England as a whole, not Burnley in particular. And it makes a bit of a difference to say that the women's team is not professional, however, the women's team was only thrown in as additional evidence...
  9. Diversity of Burnley's squad

    Well, the funny thing is that there are lots of black players in the youth setup so this argument doesn't hold up. The first team has players from Scotland, and Europe, Ireland too, and New Zealand. You're not arguing they all grew up in Burnley?
  10. Diversity of Burnley's squad

    That is 3%. And when it comes to professional football, there 33% of players are BAME (predominantly black). You would have to go out of your way to avoid BAME players for you to end up with an entire squad of white players. The last part of your post is just ridiculous. Are the white players...
  11. Diversity of Burnley's squad

    Are all black players big?
  12. Diversity of Burnley's squad

    This is not about Sean Dyche and the few black players he may have used someplace sometime, this is about Burnely and a rather conspicuous lack of representation in both their male and female teams. Are there not blacks who understand the culture who are just as accessible?
  13. Diversity of Burnley's squad

    I observed to myself how all their players look alike without making the racial connection. Now that you point it out, it's worth taking a look at Burnley as a whole to see if there is any wider evidence of some pattern here.
  14. Greenwood is the Best Finisher in the League

    He wasn't cold as ice just last week against PSG, nor against Chelsea, so I'm not sure you can really say he is even if you say at the moment. That would be just one game.
  15. Paul Pogba | 2020/21 Performances

    Truth is, the extra hate that he gets is due to Mourinho calling him a virus. Now I don't think Mourinho meant to imply that he has a pathogenic presence, but rather that he has an infectious presence. Whatever the truth, so many developed a loathing of him since then. I was reading something...