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  1. Champions League | Matchday 5

    We sold him to Parma but he on loan at Inter. Italian sides tend to do a lot of loan deals between themselves.
  2. Champions League | Matchday 5

    Inter have Young and Darmien starting today, blasts from the past.
  3. Champions League | Matchday 5

    Yep in the team.
  4. Champions League | Matchday 5

    Wow if Real lose here then it would put them and Inter in the bottom two with BM to come for Real next!
  5. Champions League | Matchday 5

    I still laugh at Chupo Moting in that lineup :lol:
  6. Cricket

    This England batting is ridiculous :lol: :drool:
  7. Solskjær press conference vs Paris (H)

    Ole handles the press conferences really well, even when he has been under pressure he has handled all questions in a professional way.
  8. Would you sack or keep Ole? (Poll reopened)

    Great post.
  9. Television The Pro Graps Thread

  10. Television The Pro Graps Thread

  11. Premier League Gameweek 10

    70% possession and 2 goals downs. Here's to all on here who think possession is everything.
  12. Ralph Hasenhüttl

    Seems to happen a lot though for them to not spot it or not sort it. Also heard they've lost the most points from winning in the PL over so many games.
  13. Ralph Hasenhüttl

    Saw the crazy stat of them 2nd top for winning in the first half and second bottom for losing in the second. Clearly has an issue with them struggling to function when teams are going at them in the second half.
  14. FA to investigate Edinson Cavani | This thread is taking a break

    Absolutely pissing me right off, everyone and the scousers in particular comparing this to the Surarez incident, you only need to read the FA report to realise it was two totally separate situations.