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  1. Rangers/Slavia Prague incidents

    No you’re obviously trying to belittle and defend this situation with this stupid example. It doesn’t need to be corroborated. Again you’re showing your ignorance and support of racism by trying to say it needs to be corroborated when you can clearly see other team mates raising the issue...
  2. Rangers/Slavia Prague incidents

    More defending of racism in plain site on this forum. Guess the mods “didnt see this” too
  3. Rangers/Slavia Prague incidents

    And what were the reactions of the team mates and opposition players? You’re posting players having conversations standing next to each other Why are people trying to bend over backwards to defend someone who was accused of racism. This whole thread is fecking disgusting and seriously has...
  4. Manchester United announce TeamViewer as shirt sponsor

    Yes! They also got compromised pretty badly recently.
  5. Manchester United announce TeamViewer as shirt sponsor

    The cyber security irony about this news :lol:
  6. AC Milan vs Manchester United

    Either that LB is fast or James has lost his only tool in his locker.
  7. AC Milan vs Manchester United

  8. AC Milan vs Manchester United

    Who was McT passing to?! :lol: :lol:
  9. AC Milan vs Manchester United

    It's not a penalty - we would have been fuming if that was against us. Lets move on.
  10. AC Milan vs Manchester United

    Both show that the ball was won
  11. Internationals March (World Cup Qualifiers)

    Yeah I edited my post!
  12. Gaming PlayStation 5 (Console) | Horizon Zero Dawn COMPLETE EDITION, PSVR games and indie games coming for FREE to #PlayAtHome

    Good list! Struggle Games: Nioh 1, but may need to go back to it as I've got it on digital Demon Souls/Bloodborne Heard Seikiro was hard, so skipped it Got but never started: YS 8 Ni no Kuni Completed: Ghost of Tsushima. Actually got platinum on this and I wish the DLC wasn't just online -...
  13. Does Ole smile too much?

    I said this after the West Ham game as he was smiling like a Cheshire Cat. I just thought it was annoying as it was again one of the worst games I've watched this season, we played poorly and he's there smiling and dapping up the opps like we'd smashed them 6-0 and were top of the table but 15+...
  14. Declan Rice

    True, but age only protects you for a certain amount of time until you need to show proof of talent - something I've never heard or seen from Rice. Shaw was a good scouted purchase back in 20xx and he underperformed/was injured for a while and now is in his bloom. But I should have said for...
  15. Fred | 2020/21 Performances

    They aren't even the same type of player and don't have the same game - so what you're really saying is that you'll swap Fred for a DMF. I'd say McT of old (less forward action) would have been a better analogy, but I wouldn't swap them either. Rice is no better than McFred.