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  1. Odion Ighalo | 2020 Performances

    He‘s a good backup player to have.
  2. Champions League Round of 16 (18th Feb - 18th Mar)

    Oh boy, not a good look for English teams this year. City to the rescue.
  3. Alleged Racist Abuse by CSG Security Staff at Man Utd

    It does happen, believe it or not. And no, I‘m not defending them. If you read my posts carefully and without getting caught up in your emotions, you‘d realize I simply want a proper investigation to take place before judging them accordingly.
  4. Alleged Racist Abuse by CSG Security Staff at Man Utd

    He could've been upset that he wasn't allowed in straight away, got more upset because he took it personal and started a confrontation in which he exaggerated the way he was being spoken to quite a bit. I'm not saying it's more likely, nor am I saying the boy shouldn't be believed. But the...
  5. Alleged Racist Abuse by CSG Security Staff at Man Utd

    Like him confronting the security guards in an aggressive manner and causing the altercation for example. As I stated above, the story requires proper investigation before anybody is being judged prematurely. The story, as he told it, may turn out to be true.
  6. Alleged Racist Abuse by CSG Security Staff at Man Utd

    I‘m saying let‘s wait with a judgement until the case is properly investigated.
  7. Alleged Racist Abuse by CSG Security Staff at Man Utd

    Let‘s see what any kind of investigation brings to light. It‘s crazy how people get prematurely judged if racism is allegedly involved but not proven yet. I could think of other ways this story could have gone and reasons for the boy to tell the story the way he did.
  8. The relative strength of the Premier League

    Yeah, Tottenham has been horrible all season and had key players out.
  9. Manchester United vs Manchester City

    Martial made up for not passing to Fernandes earlier. Overall, contrary to the Caf’s usual shit assessment, he‘s been good.
  10. Manchester United vs Manchester City

    Another great run by Martial.
  11. Manchester United vs Manchester City

    Martial was open in the middle, great strikers run by him, sad James missed him.
  12. Up top: Does anyone else prefer seeing Ighalo over Martial?

    The fact that a thread such as this one exists shows how brainwashed lots of people on here are.
  13. Anthony Martial | 2019/20 Performances

    Except it's not an "easy excuse" but a legitimate case to be made. Plenty of players have played through injuries, especially if a key player in the same or a similar position is missing. It's rather common in professional sports, especially after the performance by Ighalo against Brügge, when...
  14. Anthony Martial | 2019/20 Performances

    Ignore the fact that he‘s probably not fully healthy to support your agenda.
  15. Anthony Martial | 2019/20 Performances

    As much stick as OGS gets these days, his impact on Rashford and Martial has been and will continue to be great. Due to his own playing experience, OGS can spot weaknesses in their games and fix them. Simultaneously, he’s generally a positive character, somebody who pushes rather than tears you...