Garnacho vs Pelestri vs Amad, who will be better?

Garnacho has made a great initial impression. It's a shame he has got injured. He seems to have a great turn of pace and some good finishing.

Pelestri has had less game time but has impressed with his close control and had had a couple of assists.

Edit.. adding Amad.
And Amad is tearing it up at Sunderland. Adding some significant attacking displays.

It seems they play on similar areas but in different positions. But who will be the better player for united?
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I got criticised yesterday for suggesting that Pellistri may be being over-hyped. This is what I mean.

What is it about Pellistri that is making people lose their critical faculties? The lad has barely shown a thing, including 2 years in la liga. Garnacho is already levels above him and he's significantly younger. It's not even close.
I see a potential superstar in Garnacho. I don't see that in Pellistri. I think Garnacho looks a lot more likely to become a very productive player. It might not seem a big deal due to both being very young, but Garnacho is two and a half years younger than Pellistri. You'd like to think by then, he will be much further along than the latter is now. I'd argue that he already is ahead of him as it is. The only issue Garnacho has is that he's competing for a spot in the side against a potential legend of the club, Rashford.
I'd say Garnacho, Pellistri is great at beating a man on the outside but his finishing and crossing is very meh. Garnacho is quicker, can go on the inside and outside, can finish strong with his right, and is useful with his left foot. He can beat a man both sides, and is more explosive.

Pellistri can still make it here as a squad player, he deserves the chance I think.
Garnacho is by far the better player.. has a lot more to his game. Love Pellistri though.. would love to see him moulded into more of a 10.
Garnacho is miles better. Pellistri will end up mid table La Liga I think.
Januzaj was better and that's where he ended up
Garnacho has shown the end product and is younger. He has excellent potential. I like the look of Pellistri a lot too, but it still remains to be seen if he can deliver the end product consistently. Happy that he's getting more opportunities.
Garnacho has a phenomenal first touch and explosive acceleration. That in isolation will see him reach a good level
Interesting that they both joined the club in October 2020 and it’s the 3 year younger one that has comfortably made the bigger impact.
Garnacho has the potential to be a superstar ala Ronaldo light, Pellistri has the potential to be a very consistently good but not world class squad player/starter ala Giggs (later years)
Right now it looks like Garnacho but you never know with young players, one advantage Pellistri has is, he is a RW and we don't have great options there. Garnacho is pure LW and we have Rashford in that position and also looking for one more CF, which means Rashford will be LW.
Garnacho and quite comfortably. They are currently a bit one dimensional but I think Garnacho has that extra bit of magic to his game that means he can go on to be a player that is a regular at United or another top side.

I think Pellestri looks a good talent and will probably have a good career possibly at a level or two below Garnacho. I can see Pellestri being a good player in La Liga at a team that may occsassionally be in the CL but more often in the EL.

Garnacho could become a really important first team player for us whereas I think Pellestri may only become a really good squad player to have.
Garnacho, he seems to have more attributes in his locker, put him in a lower league side like Leicester where he would be allowed more space on the pitch and he would be a the main guy already in such a side. He reminds me of salah a lot
Garnacho is very direct and a goal threat while Pellestri is starting to show he is very intelligent in his movement. I rate them both highly. There is something special about Garnacho‘s dribbling: electric and unstoppable.

In the future I‘d like to see goal involvement from Pellestri, whether it is goals, assists or key dribbles/passes, and more composure/better decision making from Garnacho. Garnacho might become the bigger star but Pellestri could become the better team player.
Just going to predict for fun

In 5 years? Amad will be a couple of years older than Garnacho so I think he might be slightly ahead. Theres also the chance that they end up playing different positions in that Amad has been playing AM at times in the championship. So especially in 5 years when Bruno would be 33 and given the fact he often plays from the side these days, or deeper in midfield with Weghorst essentially ending up in AM most of the game it could be that Amad is playing in that area in a few years.

I'll go with Amad being "better" at that point but Garnacho playing just as much and Pellistri getting fewer games and not being as good, or having moved on. Elanga at another premier league club by then.
  1. Garnacho
  2. Amad
  3. Pellistri
I do like Pellistris potential and think he has a better chance at succeeding here than Amad. Garnacho is the only one I see being a starter here one day. Amad for me is ultimately in the wrong league even if he has huge potential.
I want to bet on Amad. His all-round skillset — be it his multi-dimension dribbling or already outstanding vision & passing is just superior to the rest.

Garnacho, obviously, looks like a clear favorite at the moment, securing himself the first sub role for a pretty decent Man Utd side (and being the youngest of the lot). His pace and aggressiveness, combined with great technique and good goalscoring made his transition to adult football a bit more straightforward.

I don’t want to write Pellestri off as he’s a great talent but I feel that he doesn’t have just as much X-factor as the other two. So if I were to bet, I’d bet on him coming third. He’d be a great little player though, I’m sure of it.
Clearly Garnacho at the moment, I can't remember being as hopeful for a young player since Rashford, and before that Ronaldo. Although I do like wide players of course.

But I think Pellistri could also make the top. He's not at all afraid but needs a bit more muscle to back it up. Hopefully he is young enough to develop in that regard.

Less chance for Amad, but he has the skill so could continue to progress, he is still on an upward trend at least.

One making a first team regular would be great, two would really help to propel us forward, and three would be sensational.
I think Garnacho could make it at United or a top La Liga club. Pellestri I think will end up somewhere like Girona or Espanyol. Amad somewhere like Sheffield United or Bournemouth.
I think Sancho should be included here all in the same age bracket.

I see it like this.

1. Garnacho
2. Amad
3/4 Pellistri & Sancho
I think Sancho should be included here all in the same age bracket.

I see it like this.

1. Garnacho
2. Amad
3/4 Pellistri & Sancho

Not really. In that case also include Antony. Garnacho is only 18, it is very unfair to try and include Sancho, a 22 year old.
Not really. In that case also include Antony. Garnacho is only 18, it is very unfair to try and include Sancho, a 22 year old.
Well, Pellestri is 21 and Amad is 20. 22 year old Sancho doesn’t really stand out — except for the fact that he’s an experienced player with a few top seasons behind his belt.

He's by far the most intelligent of the three and doesn't rely on speed and trickery.

Could be made a top Mata like player.
Mind-blowing. You've seen enough about him that suggests he has the intelligence, technicality and vision to be like Mata? Wow. Can barely recall a single clever pass through the lines or through ball from him. If anything he usually fluffs those under pressure.

You do suggest he doesn't have much in the way of pace or tricks, I guess that's something we can agree on.

To me he's the opposite - he actually does rely on his running rather than his intelligence, mostly round the outside. Problem is he's not especially fast or powerful. He is fairly tidy on the ball, though, so there's something to work with I guess. But nothing more than Elanga, say.

Now Amad. There's a player with intelligence. And technique.
I think Garnacho and Amad could be world class. Pellistri (can we spell his name correctly now) and Antony are a level below. In 2 years Sancho will be at an even lower level than those 4.
Garnacho is the youngest and seems the one with more potential. Then Amad and then Pellistri.

The thing with Amad and Pellistri is they barely been involved in the premier league so it's tough to say what's their true potential.

He's by far the most intelligent of the three and doesn't rely on speed and trickery.

Could be made a top Mata like player.
What makes you think this? To me Garnacho looks the more composed and quick thinking.