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Just how bad were we today?


Full Member
Apr 24, 2003
Was one of the worst performances of this UTD era and there have been too many of these under ETH sadly.

INEOS need to be ruthless and have a mass clearout. We need to build a new team, no superstars, no player power, no egos A team who have respect for the club, who play for the fans and one which can grow together.

I would remove the manager and genuinely would only keep the following players--

Onana, Martinez,Maguire Dalot, Mainoo, Mount,Amad, Hojlund, Garnacho. ....players who i feel have shown some fight and quality, some who deserve a chance to prove themselves. Maguire might be the odd choice but he has shown fight this year and played for the shirt.


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Jun 29, 2006
Glasgow resident these days.
To be fair it's hardly like he has many players to choose from at the moment.

I'd like to see Diallo get decent game time after his Liverpool performance but wouldn't advocate throwing him straight in there. Is Mount ready to start either? I can already picture the meltdown when he gets re-injured for being rushed back.

Casemiro is just as much of a liability as McTominay these days, Antony is shocking. Who else is there to choose from, Forson?
Rashford and Fernandes were just shocking - properly bad. Those two could easily be swapped out so let's not let them off the hook and suggest there isn't an alternative. Granted defensive alternatives are not available, but we really have just rewarded mediocrity and poor performances this season and ETH needs to grow a pair and make big changes.


New Member
Dec 11, 2023
With united being green, sat at a keyboard in a scuba suit, with strings on his fingers, and sausages and bacon attached to those strings, on a pulley system, hitting the keyboard, and singing " daddy would you like some sausages, daddy would like some sausages" :lol: I hope your visualising this scene after reading this text.