Rashford's red card - correct decision or badly done by VAR again?

Probably a red according to the rule but it's the kind of challenge you won't see VAR call it often. Maybe 1 in 4 or 1 in 5, because "It's not the same. It's not ankle, stud not that high, it's not enough force. No intention " etc Like Who fecking cares....the rule is written vaguely, that's why even same person could have different interpretations, depend on their mood on that day.

Which lead to the question what is the "clear and obvious error" even? If these are that "clear & obvious", then we should see red card for these type of challenges often but we are not because of the reason that said above. The rules are vague, there's no such thing as "clear and obvious".
VAR needs an overhaul, if they need more than 3 minutes to review an incident then the initial decision should stay. Just give up on consistency for now until they fix the rule first
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Be that as it may, the premise of using VAR is to overturn clear and obvious errors. If it was clear and obvious then it should not take 4 or 5 mins of constant reviewing. The issue with VAR is the complete and utter inconsistency about how one is a foul and offside and penalty while the other is not. If that is flexible then what is the point of enforcing rules? Scrap the whole thing.

The irony is, it is the clubs that want VAR.

I get there are inconsistencies and that the flow of the game is impacted, no doubt.

But you go back to having a ref and two linesman officiate, there will be so many more mistakes made in a game. The difference will be, there wont be the hours of analysis because it can just be said that the ref didnt see it.
Why? Studs went on the player above his ankle?

If were going by the rules that are being quoted in here for Rashford and logic of intent not mattering and only looking at the point of impact of the studs. He's clearly endangering his opponent by putting his studs down on his ballbag.

Clear red card according to that logic.

Again, you are really reaching here. But if that makes you happy, carry on.... :lol:
I was told a few weeks ago that if the ankle buckles it's a red card?

I was told intent didn't matter if caught someone with studs?

I was told it's always a red card?

It was absolute bollocks it turns out.

(I'm not complaining that Schar wasn't sent off yesterday by the way as I don't think he should have been, I'm reiterating how incredibly harsh this red card was)