The Make A Fecking Sub ETH Thread

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Dec 12, 2012
Oslo, Norway
As is tradition.

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Was a bit bizarre he suddenly put three subs on in 89th minute, two of them kids and taking off Sancho and Fernandes.

Ref didn't even add on anything extra to 5 minutes either. :lol:
The ball didnt go out for ages, the changes were lined up from around 8-10 mins before that
Chasing the match and bringing 3 subs in 90th minute. What was the grand plan :lol:
The ball didnt go out for ages, the changes were lined up from around 8-10 mins before that
Then don't make the change ffs. Most players need some time to warm up the match to do actually something useful.
Probably just a message to the players coming off that the ones coming on will be taking their places if they don't buck their ideas up.
The key to a manager making early subs is having top class players on the bench to bring on and influence the game.

Take a wild guess what element of the above is missing from Manchester United.

What did these subs accomplish exactly ? If he doesn't have good players on the bench and doesn't trust youngsters, why put them in the last minute in the game ?
I wonder why he took Fred off before McT on a booking

I also thought that as well. On analysis, it seems that Fred was making alot of wrong decisions in terms of passing and ball retention. He does track back but it puts the defence under too much pressure.

OTOH McTominay was pressing well and getting into positions, though he made some mistakes with his passing in the final third. Second half was a different matter as you could see that McTominay was starting to falter.
Said it in the match thread he made the right changes but it was just baffling why he made them on the 90th minute
Sadly our last two managers spent 700m on shit all, unbelievable how crap our bench is.
The sub situation was like watching Rang ick all over again. No subs, then just bins off the midfield for a bunch of attackers.
Chuck three guys on at 89 minutes, if it's Ole or RR it's panicking but with EtH it's tactics.
Chucking three players on in the 89th minute. Two of whom may not have gotten a kick. It never fecking works.

Ole loved that one as well. I just don't understand.
When the subs was getting ready to go in on 89th I thought we were we 2 - 1 ahead.
Polished turd is still turd. Expecting anything different from the same stale squad is beyond wishful thinking - its lunacy.
He'll need to put Fred on pretty early because it doesn't look like the midfield has much energy left now.
Ironically this would be a perfect scenario to bring AWB on. He’d hussle Diaz.
Don't know what you're on about,they are working hard.They don't look tired at all.

I know they're working hard but they don't seem to get near Liverpool's midfield in the last 15 minutes.

I would take one of the forwards out anyway.
Rashford and Bruno off please, they really lack the composure to utilise the space Liverpool are leaving.

I'd also rather not Rashford up top, he just doesn't press anywhere near enough.
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