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  1. Amazon to bid for Premier League rights

    Ah, excellent. Thats interesting. It may kill the smaller clubs though - then again this may force all teams to put a ticket price cap on all games which will bring in more punters.
  2. Amazon to bid for Premier League rights

    Isn't the 3pm blackout a law, that cannot simply be overturned?
  3. Amazon to bid for Premier League rights

    I am a Prime member, I am open to this wholeheartedly. My guess is that they will charge an extra £10 a month. This may allow BT/Sky to be more competitive with their prices...
  4. Top players getting no protection from refs lately?

    Its not a red if the ref doesn't give it. City are on PEDS
  5. TV companies showing replays and getting players banned

    If this was a City player, no retrospective action.
  6. CL vs Premier League | Which is more prestigious?

    For me, these have switched around. As a season ticket holder, this season I have been more excited to attend Premier League games than CL games. Maybe its because thw CL has been diluted somewhat buf I am unsure. I know that the CL should be more prestigious than the league but I prefer...
  7. Fixture complaint on official website

    It is because, as the game has become more commercial, more yuppies are getting involved. These guys come from a generation of being taught that it is the taking part that counts and not the winning. Making them ultra non competitive and passionless about their club. They will have got a trophy...
  8. Pep - Doping (?) | Are PEDs being used by footballers

    David Silva is probably on PED's. Wouldn't suprise me, have always said it since Pep took over.
  9. Fixture complaint on official website

    There are countless times over the years where the FA have favourably punished us and treated us differently in the same scenario as another club
  10. Fixture complaint on official website

    Why can no-one see that although all clubs are playing over the chrostmas period, somehow we have gained an unfair disadvantage compared to City, chelsea, liverpool and arsenal. Im all for having fixtures over this period but whydowe always have to be worse off compared with everyone else?
  11. Martial's sprint endurance (or lack there of)

    That's funny, he played wide for Monaco and since he has joined united he has predominantly played as a wide player.
  12. Forward players dithering on the ball for too long (except Rom)

    Now we complain about player freedom with the ball when with LVG we complained about lack of freedom. I know there is a halfway house but for a player to become a player they need to have freedom. Having said that, unless its effective its counter-active so I think we need to step up our game...
  13. Big Man John Terry on MNF: What made Jose Mourinho so special?

    He has constantly pissed on SAF's parade much to my unhappiness. In fact I struggle to remember the amount of wins we have actually had against Mourinho under a SAF lead team, if any.
  14. Big Man John Terry on MNF: What made Jose Mourinho so special?

    That took him to a CL final though, which he won with the under dogs
  15. Big Man John Terry on MNF: What made Jose Mourinho so special?

    What can i say, ive always had a soft spot for mourinho. Since his first press conference in the Premier League. He almost always shown respect to SAF and Man Utd prior to his appointment.