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  1. Transfer Tweets - 2019/20 | Check the OP for blacklisted sources before posting

    The saddest part nowadays is that its clear that both Woodward and Ole have no clue on what is happening in the market. Augustin was on loan at Monaco where he barely played, why do we have to wait until Leeds get to have him to enquire this is ridiculous. If at this point in time we can't even...
  2. Hypothetical loan signings..

    Messi?? hypothetically ..
  3. La Liga 2019/20

    which uk chanel will show it?
  4. Brandon Williams | 2019/20 Performances

    denis irwin was right footed
  5. No.10/CAM signing in the January window

    lollll the thought of playing for us got him to take a red card
  6. Pogba heading for trouble

    I dont understand why Ole is doing his best to protect this coward. He clearly doesnt want to play for us , week after week it is the same refrain "he will be back soon". Hang him dry and sell him, Mourinho was right about this clown.
  7. Andreas Pereira | 2019/20 Performances

    I still cant believe this guy . plays every single game..... This is Manchester United not sunderland. This guy woul not even start for the like of (Villa, Wolves, Watford) let alone the big four.
  8. Should Luke Shaw be converted to a midfielder?

    Should De Gea be converted a striker??
  9. Andreas Pereira | 2019/20 Performances

    he should not be anywhere near the starting lineup. the guy isnt fast, not technically gifted, not powerfull, no passing ability....what does he offer to warant a start
  10. Allegri is leaving Juventus

    Luis Enrique.... I know he is going through a tragedy but in 8 months from now
  11. Great debuts

    Didnr welbeck score a sceamer tooo on his debut??? I lived Martial’s goal againt liverpool
  12. Solskjaer target 5 signings; 6 players could leave [BBC, Telegraph, Guardian]

    Ole will get the sack for sure soon . enough, he did accept to go into the season with a weaker midfield and attack hoping for miracles... no proven goalscorer, Matic who cant even run . We are in for a very long season
  13. Ed Woodward 2019 - Until all Arctic ice melts edition

    i am part of that minority that thinks he needs to be gone no matter the means. Fans should target him (songs, booing, twitter etc) Until he remains the boss nothing will improve, the worse thing is that he has find the wayto use journalist to get us dreaming (5 -6 players in, big overhaul...