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  1. Post match vs West Ham United

    pogba not man enough to take a ball to the face, £300,000 a week ,and he's not prepared to put his body on the line for the club, he looks like he isn't bothered either way!! sooner we get shut the better, him and his agent are poison. how many times has he let us down since his comeback??
  2. Glazers / Woodward out!

    How ??? How do we get rid of them?? We cant organise a walkout, a boycott , but I suppose we could all chip in for a plane to fly over again!! That will show em!. Our club name has even started to sound ironic, theres fook all united here.
  3. Ole Gunnar Solskjær | 2020/21 Discussion

    Fraud owners, fraud manager, several fraudulent players, and great protests today lads, no solidarity in the ground by way of protests, rinse and repeat, look like igalooh seems to have shut a few dissenting voices up!! Joke we are a joke.
  4. Post match vs Wolverhampton Wanderers

    Laughing stocks.
  5. Fans planning Old Trafford walkout

    It wont ever happen, we are shit at protesting !!
  6. Manchester United vs Wolverhampton Wanderers

    Slowly but surely bruno will be thinking!! My god, what have I done???
  7. Fans planning Old Trafford walkout

    Do I detect a subtle hint of sarcasm?
  8. Manchester United vs Norwich City

    25 mins gone, NO shot on target yet, against the bottom team in league !! Wooo hoooo
  9. The “Ole In” Brigade

    Yeah having stood on the terraces at that time in the united road end, we always looked like we could beat anyone in the world on our day, you cannot say the same with these deadbeats.
  10. The “Ole In” Brigade

    That guy has to be having a paul McGrath!! :lol:
  11. Manchester United vs Manchester City

    Any championship team, would put up a better fight of it that, we are that bad and its heartbreaking to watch.. it's a 2 legged tie over at half time.
  12. Manchester United vs Manchester City

    Has anyone ever been this embarrassed and down about supporting this club ??? I'm 45 , it's never ever been this bad .
  13. Manchester United vs Manchester City

    The whole club is rotten, to the core.
  14. Regime Change

    The only way yo get rid of the Adam's family, is stop attending games and stop buying the merch, once the money stops Maybe they will sell up ,?
  15. Hating Lingard

    Hopefully the worlds ermm, "Largest" agent can get him a new club asap, We live in hope