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  1. Martial's agent: He wants to leave in January

    I must be then. Thanks for pointing that out. Let me apologise. I’ll make sure against West Ham I don’t leave unless I’m thrown out for venting my spleen against how pathetic and useless the players are. Seems a sensible strategy to get the players confidence up.
  2. Martial's agent: He wants to leave in January

    And I’m pleased with this attitude you don’t go to Old Trafford every week. I’m not a “top red” but I go to support the team.
  3. Last Man Standing 2 2021/22 | 221 competitors, down to 125. Entries closed.

    GW22 West Ham (Liverpool back up)
  4. The general attitude of our players

    Not purposefully sticking up for the players here as there were some serious displays of petulance against Newcastle that really wound me up, but I think we need to give them more time to judge their attitudes. Ole coming as an interim Manager was very different to where we are now as their...
  5. Ferran Torres - Barcelona Player

    Strange that nobody other than Barca seem to share that view.
  6. Ferran Torres - Barcelona Player

    If we sold either of them for £20m more than we paid for them then yes absolutely.
  7. Ferran Torres - Barcelona Player

    Thought this myself. Something not quite right here. City making a large profit on a player who hasn’t achieved a great deal in the time he’s been here. It isn’t like there was a bidding war for him. Very strange transfer.
  8. All ticket/travel information thread - 2021/22 edition - Touting will not be tolerated on the site

    Bit late but I have a single Palace ticket today E239. Cant make it. Face value £37. Anybody local who can make it?
  9. Ed Woodward has resigned from Manchester United

    Took his Exec Vice Chairman (joke title) role with us as Champions and leaves us with this mess. Which other corporate business wouldn’t have sacked their leader a long time ago with such poor results? Have to heap the blame on the owners again for this. Anybody could make money for Man Utd...
  10. Fans leaving at half-time

    I left at half time. Not proud of it and first time I’ve left at half time in over 35 years of going to Old Trafford. Just couldn’t take what I knew was going to happen in the second half or listen to those gloating scousers in the away end. I’d also prefer to protest about the changes we need...
  11. Will Liverpool ever lose a home league game again under Klopp?

    We’re in October and people conceding the title‘s wrapped up?
  12. Daniel James | Leeds player

    Which midfielder?
  13. Is officiating worse than it’s ever been?

    I think the standard hasn’t changed too much. There’s a lot more football broadcast which leads to more conversation. I feel Sky and BT like to sensationalise the refereeing more than they used to in the absence of controversial players and tough tackling that seems to have been phased out of...
  14. Why are United fans so oblivious to importance of good managers?

    Of course Ole’s a good Manager. Is he an excellent manager? I think a lot of fans have a split opinion right now in terms of Ole. Has Ole been the right man to get us this far? Id say yes when you look at the mess he inherited and the harmony he’s created. Are we going to the win the big...
  15. Why are United fans so oblivious to importance of good managers?

    I don’t think I’ve ever met a football fan, never mind a United fan, in my life who doesn’t see the importance of having a good manager. You must mix in different circles to me and most people. Do you mean why do some United fans have differing views of what a good manager is?