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  1. Pogmentary

    Just finished the ‘Pogmentary’. What an absolute self absorbed div. Nice family and all that but seriously, what a prick.
  2. CL: Two-legged semi-finals to be scrapped?

    Why doesn’t somebody conduct a survey of season ticket holding fans of the 10 most successful clubs in the Champions league (say over the last 10 years) and ask them what they want the future of the tournament to look like? It wouldn’t be difficult to do with the cooperation of the clubs and...
  3. Paul Pogba | 2021/22 Performances

    The fans had a lot to get off our chests today at the game. The boos for Pogba were as much a message to the people running the club that players who drive traffic to our social media pages and are rewarded with obscene contracts for it won’t be tolerated, as they were to the player whose...
  4. Feigning injury being used as a tactic to waste time

    I’d let the game flow as normal until 80 mins then use a stop clock for the last 10 mins. If players knew that the ball had to be in play for the entire last 10 in would make it far more exciting as teams slugged it out. It would also get rid of any acting or tardiness in taking goal kicks or...
  5. Should we start booing to show our discontent?

    Not entirely sure what booing at every opportunity would achieve? I’d feel bit of a knob doing it in the ground too. Can’t really see me and my mates all stood around cupping our hands to our mouths leaning forwards and booing the players. It’s all a bit pantomime for me. Can the OP point to...
  6. Things about football that get you unreasonably annoyed…

    When the ball’s going out of play near a linesman and they step out of the way of it. Shouldn’t do, but winds me right up
  7. Martial / joined Sevilla on loan

    I must be then. Thanks for pointing that out. Let me apologise. I’ll make sure against West Ham I don’t leave unless I’m thrown out for venting my spleen against how pathetic and useless the players are. Seems a sensible strategy to get the players confidence up.
  8. Martial / joined Sevilla on loan

    And I’m pleased with this attitude you don’t go to Old Trafford every week. I’m not a “top red” but I go to support the team.
  9. The general attitude of our players

    Not purposefully sticking up for the players here as there were some serious displays of petulance against Newcastle that really wound me up, but I think we need to give them more time to judge their attitudes. Ole coming as an interim Manager was very different to where we are now as their...
  10. Ferran Torres - Barcelona Player

    Strange that nobody other than Barca seem to share that view.
  11. Ferran Torres - Barcelona Player

    If we sold either of them for £20m more than we paid for them then yes absolutely.
  12. Ferran Torres - Barcelona Player

    Thought this myself. Something not quite right here. City making a large profit on a player who hasn’t achieved a great deal in the time he’s been here. It isn’t like there was a bidding war for him. Very strange transfer.
  13. All ticket/travel information thread - 2022/23 edition - Touting will not be tolerated on the site

    Bit late but I have a single Palace ticket today E239. Cant make it. Face value £37. Anybody local who can make it?
  14. Ed Woodward has resigned from Manchester United

    Took his Exec Vice Chairman (joke title) role with us as Champions and leaves us with this mess. Which other corporate business wouldn’t have sacked their leader a long time ago with such poor results? Have to heap the blame on the owners again for this. Anybody could make money for Man Utd...