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  1. Lukaku to Chelsea? €100m bid + player rejected

    Yes I am happy with Lukaku in one scenario that is Tuchel wants Lukaku rather than board signing. One big advantage for Lukaku and chelsea is he already played at inter three at the back system with supportive strikers and attacking wing backs.
  2. Chelsea 2021/22 - Tommy Tuchel's Title Test?

    There is nothing worse than watching timo in front of goal in my opinion. Tuchel coped with that and won champions league with him too. How bad Lukaku s first touch may be he will still score goals though. Chelsea lacked physical presence up front since Costa left. Defenders didn't need to...
  3. Chelsea 2021/22 - Tommy Tuchel's Title Test?

    Better go away from Lukaku. He is not worth that much. If Abraham wanted to move just get loan move for greizman. Wait for next summer for striker move till then improve midfield and defense. Cho, pulisic ,ziyech, mount and havertz will be expected to deliver better from the start so scoring...
  4. Chelsea 2021/22 - Tommy Tuchel's Title Test?

    Chelsea board must be in desperate situation. Of all strikers Lukaku is their choice. I don't mind Lukaku he is exactly what chelsea needed a flat track bully. But if things didn't work out he will start to talk too much.
  5. We’re actually class on paper

    Are you seriously suggest chelsea with weak mentality team. Only thing going well for Chelsea is their mentality. Nobody gave chance to us when we struggled at 9. No one gave us chance to finish into top 6 let alone top 4. And chelsea are champions of europe mate. Weak mentality won't win you...
  6. Grealish To City? | City bid £100M

    Nobody played false 9 before. Wingers, no 10 s no 8s tried to play. Some times work some times don't. But he has attributes to play there in pep system. Many teams try to play false 9 but asked too much from them who played as false 9. City system allowed false 9 to be effective because of...
  7. Grealish To City? | City bid £100M

    To be honest sterling has great touch in fifa may be. But he absolutely broke many city attacks due to poor touch. He will simply play grealish as false 9 as city front 3 didn't have permanent position but interchangeable. Sterling provided width assuming play against weak right full backs. But...
  8. Grealish To City? | City bid £100M

    Sterling was given enough games mate. He failed to score some easiest chances last season. Grealish has that close control and dribbling ability. I don't think he will struggle in city team. Pep have a fantastic team but no one has that dribbling ability as good as grealish. Pep wanted him to...
  9. Grealish To City? | City bid £100M

    False 9 will be the best bet for pep to utilise him to benifit his team in attack. Pep will create game situations for grealish 1 vs 1 against defender. From there one result will come mostly penalty or goal bound shot.
  10. Lautaro Martinez

    He already told yesterday if he want to leave inter it's only for top 3 Spanish teams. Fair enough answer for those wanted him in pl.
  11. Chelsea 2021/22 - Tommy Tuchel's Title Test?

    He is still searching when Chelsea acted like twats towards academic players. Don't worry he will come with something no one heard before.
  12. Chelsea 2021/22 - Tommy Tuchel's Title Test?

    @Kentonio said supposedly Abraham being prima dona then thread picked up on that.
  13. Chelsea 2021/22 - Tommy Tuchel's Title Test?

    Want the move is one thing, throwing tantrums is another. Chelsea are reasonable in players wishes. But just because Abraham wanted some thing doesn't mean club should accept it and move on. I don't know it's true or not but if he do unwanted things then club will do what they can within their...
  14. Chelsea 2021/22 - Tommy Tuchel's Title Test?

    Well mate if you think he is better than Werner then so be it but I think broja will get lot more chance to play than Tammy under tuchel in my opinion. He is under contract with the club and club will do what is good for club. Club also in same position to buy players in pandemic world. No...
  15. Chelsea 2021/22 - Tommy Tuchel's Title Test?

    He is under contract and if proper bid came chelsea will sell him. What's wrong with that.