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  1. Could they void the PL due to the Coronavirus? | No | Resuming June 17th

    Man, you’re on a United forum and far far too emotional to be here. Do yourself and your family a favour, concentrate on them, stay out of here and enjoy your life as best you can. Stay safe.
  2. Could we get relegated? | United officially now safe from relegation for 2019/20 season

    Back into work today but my mind is still preoccupied by United. I’ll be surprised if we’re not in the relegation zone after the Norwich game. It’s just upsetting. There’s certainly a chance that we’ll be in a relegation dogfight at the very least. I mean, where are the goals going to come from?
  3. Would you still watch or attend Manchester United games if we get relegated?

    Yeah, I’d still go and watch. Maybe some good would come of it, the Glazers might finally leave. Sad times lads but at least we’re in it together!
  4. Post match vs Newcastle United

    To get rid of such a bulk of the squad and only bring in 3 players-to expect to be anywhere else in the table.....I really don’t know what they were thinking. I was full sure that when Lukaku was sold, they had a deal done for someone else. It’s just negligence. If you don’t have players who...
  5. Premier League Gameweek 8

    Let’s face it, had to happen sometime. Plus it’s better that they win it by miles than on the final day or something like that. Also, the Euros are on in the Summer so people will move on from it pretty quickly.
  6. Ed Woodward 2019 - Until all Arctic ice melts edition

    Woke up this morning and yesterday’s game popped back into my head. Disgusted but not overly surprised. It’s difficult to quantify/fathom just how poor Woodward has been. Then again, maybe it’s the owners simply dictating, I just don’t know. Either way, until the structure at the top of the...
  7. Has the Palace result finally woken us up to reality?

    I think results like yesterday will be the reality for this season at the very least. The management of the club in recent years has been ridiculously negligent. I was no fan of Lukaku but to leave him go without a replacement to come in was ludicrous and insanely short sighted. Our options from...
  8. Post match vs Crystal Palace

    I’m so so gutted. Can’t remember the last time I’ve been so distraught over a game of football.
  9. Why has nothing happened yet? | Things are now happening

    It’s too early to panic. That said though, I’m just exhausted from the pain of this season and the thoughts of Woodward not having a clue what he’s doing is depressing me. The days of David Gill getting deals announced in May for the likes of Nani seem like an eternity ago now. A perverse part...
  10. James McClean: 'Do you want the God’s honest truth? The FA are a bunch of cowards'

    I’m Irish and I cringe every time I see a headline with McClean in the media. He’s not the most intelligent to say the very least and bringing Sterling into it is just idiotic. If he can’t stick it over there, why doesn’t he just go home and play for Derry!? He’s a hypocrite and a painfully...
  11. Champions League Final 2019 | Spurs v Liverpool (1st June)

    I feel for fellow United fans who have no big sporting events to help get this out of their system. I’m in Ireland and on my way to a huge hurling game. If my team wins, I’m not going to give a toss about the bin dippers. That said if my team loses, I’ll be gutted beyond repair!
  12. Champions League Final 2019 | Spurs v Liverpool (1st June)

    Maybe there’s a silver lining to this. Maybe, just maybe it’ll light a fire under Woodward and the Glazers. The pressure on them has just risen enormously.
  13. Champions League Final 2019 | Spurs v Liverpool (1st June)

    Such a tough night, no doubt, especially when you look at how far behind we are right now and no apparent light at the end of the tunnel for us. But fcuk it, their fans will go back to their normal, mundane and depressing lives from Monday and at least the Nations League is on during the week...
  14. Jamie Carragher: Spits in the face of 14 year old girl | Suspended by Sky

    Hopefully the guy sues him. Carragher is an incredibly thick Cnut.
  15. The Championship 2018/19 - Play-off final

    Leeds! Hahahaha! Hasn’t been a bad few days!