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  1. “ If De Bruyne (£68m) has an off day, City have Mahrez (£61m), Sterling (£57m), Silva (£45m), Foden, Gundogan (£24m), & Ferran (£21m)

    Cavani, Van de Beek, Amad and Pellestri were the players we bought last summer VDb hadn't worked .. Cavani has been injured most of the time.. No wonder the wheels starting to come off now ..
  2. Solskjaer's contract

    We should get the West Ham manager
  3. Crystal Palace vs Manchester United

    We need Bruno closer to goal
  4. Crystal Palace vs Manchester United

    Fred is useless
  5. Crystal Palace vs Manchester United

    We are missing Pogba.. when is he back?
  6. Riyad Mahrez

    I often wonder why we didn't we go for him after his 2015_2016 season?
  7. Scott McTominay | 2020/21 Performances

    Isn't he our highest scoring midfielder this season?
  8. Are we too pragmatic in the big games?

    We need a better CF and a RW.. we have players that prefer to hang outside the CF positions we become easy to defend .. Then we do not have a RW...
  9. Chelsea vs Manchester United

    Sign a RW, sign a striker .. This is really really needed
  10. Chelsea vs Manchester United

    He needs to increase his stamina and get bigger
  11. Gareth Bale | Golfer

    Euros !!!
  12. Premier League Gameweek 26

    He didn't have to buy KDb,Aguero, Silva ... Those three would alone cost 400M right now